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List your hockey tournament(s) in a tournament calendar that gets you results year after year!


The Let’s Play Hockey Tournament Calendar is a proven way to fill your hockey tournament. For more than 44 years, Let’s Play Hockey has had the most comprehensive tournament calendar in the United States. Consider the following:

  • Nearly 250 associations listed their tournaments in Let’s Play Hockey in 2015-16.
  • More than 1,500 dates featuring 4,000 tournaments from around the country were listed in 2015-16.
  • Let’s Play Hockey reaches over 100,000 hockey enthusiasts every week.
  • Let’s Play Hockey is found in nearly every hockey community in the Midwest.
  • Subscriptions put Let’s Play Hockey in nearly every U.S. state and Canadian province.
  • Tournament listings have made Let’s Play Hockey’s August issue the biggest of the year.
  • is one of the best sites in the industry.

Still not convinced? Here are actual comments from tournament directors:

  • “Our tournament was filled in just two weeks!”
  • “My phone’s been ringing off the hook since your paper came out!”
  • “Our tournament is already full!”
  • “We don’t have to go out and find teams!”
  • “We’re getting calls from all over the country — California, Colorado and Illinois!”

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Dear Tournament Directors:


Let’s Play Hockey’s Tournament Calendar is a proven way to help promote your hockey tournaments. Over the years, Let’s Play Hockey has helped fill hundreds of youth tournaments throughout the country. The fee for listing your tournament in the 2016-17 Tournament Calendar is $50.00 per individual tournament listing and must be paid before your tournaments will begin appearing in the calendar. Several hockey associations also take advantage of getting even more exposure for their tournaments by running a display advertisement in addition to their tournament calendar listing. Display ads are available in the following sizes and the costs for each time the ad runs are listed.

1/8 Page 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page
(5" w x 4" h) (5" w x 8" h) (10" w x 8" h) (10" w x 16" h)
$120.00 $240.00 $480.00 $800.00

If you spend a minimum of $480.00 on your display ads, you will not be charged the $50.00 individual tournament listing fee. You can have your tournament(s) listed in the calendar prior to running your display ads.


Please complete the linked Tournament Calendar Request Form and return with your check or credit card number to cover the cost for individual tournament calendar listings. Should you choose to place a display ad for your tournaments, please contact me at (952) 944-0023. We can assist you in the layout and design of your ad.



Bryan Zollman
Publisher, Let’s Play Hockey