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One for the thumb?

Two-time defending state champion St. Thomas Academy enters the season ranked No. 1. Can the Cadets win their fifth title in 2013?

After the jump, the 2012-13 Minnesota Boys’ High School Class A Team Previews:


Following are the of the Minnesota Boys’ High School Hockey Class A Team Previews. The Class AA previews will appear in next week’s edition of LPH.

Let’s Play Hockey would like to thank the staff at The BREAKDOWN and Minnesota Hockey Hub, especially Tim Kolemainen, for their assistance in compiling the information for the 2012-13 Boys’ High School Team Previews. The Minnesota Hockey Hub Encyclopedia is now available for purchase. For more information, go to

Achiever NE Academy Aces
Last year: DNP
Conference: Independent
Section: 4A
State trips: None
Home arena: Eagan Ice Arena
Head coach: Nick Klaren
Assistant coaches: Cole Bassett, Travis Dundore, Eric Mjanger

Albert Lea Tigers
Last year: 13-14-1
Conference (record): Big 9 (9-8-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: 2004, 05, 07
Home arena: Albert Lea City Arena
Head coach: Roy Nystrom
Career record: 646-430-20
Assistant coaches: David Nystrom, Tim Peterson, Dan Colstrup, Fred Nelson
Letterwinners returning/lost: 10/5
Top returning forwards: Senior Nate Stadheim (12-20--32), senior Adam Herbst (9-9--18), junior Andrew Thompson (6-10--16), junior Lucas Peterson (7-5--12), senior Eli Malmanek (8-3--11), senior Larry Olson (8-1--9), junior Levi Hanson (4-5--9), junior Van Zelenak (4-4--8), junior Kohl Kriewall (0-5--5), junior Matt Cheever (2-1--3), junior Lewis Kelly (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Darik Weigel (2-5--7),  senior Joshua Martin (0-5--5), junior Shea Svendsen (4-0--4)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Lucas Malimanek (3-0-0, 1.33, .897)

Alexandria Cardinals
Last year: 12-12-2
Conference (record): Central Lakes (8-6-2)
Section: 6A
State trips: 1992, 96, 2010, 11
Home arena: Runestone Community Center
Head coach: Scott Woods
Career record: 185-100-15
Assistant coaches: Jason Murray, Chris Biegner, Jon Cullen
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/8
Top returning forwards: Senior Tom Schmidt (9-13--22), senior Jack Wensman (9-9--18), junior Matt Resch (0-4--4), senior Patrick Leary (2-2--4), junior Brady Bast (1-1--2), junior Toby Helgeson (1-1--2)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Kevin Finley (0-10--10), sophomroe Christian Canavati (0-5--5), junior Andrew Rentschler (1-2--3), junior Aaron Steidl (1-0--1)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Ben Allen (10-12-2, 3.33, .901)
The coach says: “Our team will start in the net and work out. We return one of the top goalies in the state. We lost our top defenseman, but return all of the others from last year.  They were a young crew that gained a lot of valuable experience. Up front we return several key forwards as well as gaining some newcomers that will challenge for spots. If we find some goal scoring, we will have a solid team.”

Austin Packers
Last year: 4-22-0
Conference (record): Big 9 (1-15-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: 1993, 2001
Home arena: Riverside Arena
Head coach: Erik LaRock
Assistant coaches: Jason Merritt, Taggert Medgaarden, Tim Rodgers
Top returning forwards: Senior Marcus Stoulil (17-10--27), senior Ethan Larson (11-12--23), junior Nick Castellano (6-3--9), junior Tony Baudler (1-1--2), senior Cole Nicol (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Pat Wagner (2-6--8), junior Alex Bawek (1-3--4), senior Connor Petersen (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Rainer Londino-Green

Bagley/Fosston Flyers
Last year: 8-16-0
Conference (record): Northwest (0-5-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: None
Home arena: Albert Kaiser Arena
Head coach:  Jacob Seuntjens
Assistant coaches: Ryan Weber, Nate Essen
Top returning forwards: Senior Aaron Leintz (22-17--39),  senior Sean LaVine (15-5--20), sophomore Tyler Godin (8-6--14), senior Zach Thoma (2-3--5), senior Torrey Swenson (2-2--4), senior Chris Clark (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jesse Dukek (2-16--18), senior Brady Anderson (2-6--8), senior Logan Thorson (0-2--2), sophomore Luke Lane (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Grant Cardinal, sophomore Andrew Gebhardt

Blake Bears
Last year: 18-10-0
Conference (record): Tri-Metro (10-2-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: 1995, 99, 2006, 07, 08
Home arena: Blake Arena
Head coach: Jon Sturgis
Career record: 18-10-0
Assistant coaches: Jay Campbell, Jon Van Bergen
Letterwinners returning/lost: 12/7
Top returning forwards: Senior Christoper Chute (16-17--33), sophomore Mark Lyman (10-10--20), senior Zach Edinburgh (2-1--3), senior Sam Chute (1-1--2), junior Thomas Blease (2-0--2), junior Charlie Hartwell (0-2--2), junior Danny Levin (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Coleman Dressen (3-15--18), senior Peter Hildreth (1-5--6), sophomore Nicholas Campuzano (0-6--6), junior Preston Wallin (0-3--3)
Top returning goaltender: Sophomore Jackson Norris (2-0-0, 2.14, .889)
The coach says: “We expect to have a very competitive team. We have solid senior leadership but we will be young. We expect our underclassmen to fill the gap left by our graduated seniors. Our strengths will be speed, quickness and work ethic.”

Breck Mustangs
Last year: 26-4-1
Conference (record): Tri-Metro (12-0-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: 1994, 96, 97, 2000 Champs, 04 Champs, 09 Champs, 10 Champs, 11, 12
Home arena: Breck School Anderson Arena
Head coach: Les Larson
Career record: 104-17-2
Assistant coaches: Pete Larson, Josh Tucker, Glen Lang, Jack Cavanagh
Letterwinners returning/lost: 9/12
Top returning forwards: Senior Thomas Lindstrom (32-39--71), senior Matt Colford (21-38--59), senior Jack O’Connor (11-11--22), junior Mark Sharp (7-8--15), senior Ben Gleekel (5-3--8), junior Michael Orke (3-4--7)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Derek Wiitala (1-8--9), junior Otto Haeg (2-4--6)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Henry Johnson (6-0-0, 2.32, .874) 
The coach says: “We will have a young, talented, and hungry team this season. We will have a number of first-year Varsity players this year that are excited to have an opportunity to contribute to the team and extend the winning tradition of the program. While we will not be as talented and deep up front as we were last year, our forward units should have some scoring punch, speed and grit. We will be young and inexperienced on the blue line, but our defensemen have talent, knowledge of the game and a high compete level. The development and maturation process of our defensemen over the course of the season will have a significant impact on how we will perform this year. We should have solid goaltending, anchored by junior Henry Johnson, who happened to have a huge growth spurt over the summer. We might have the most competitive schedule in Breck hockey history this season, which will definitely challenge our guys and get them prepared for playoff hockey. Our goals for the season are to compete for conference and section titles.”

Breckenridge/Wahpeton Blades
Last year: 16-6-0
Conference: Independent
Section: 6A
State trips: None
Home arena: Stern Sports Arena
Head coach: Todd Dwyer
Assistant coach: Ross Boldt
Top returning forwards: Senior Clay Bassingthwaite (8-12--20), senior Tyler Gripentrog (4-10--14), junior Brandon Wixo (2-11--13), junior Aaron Neppl (7-3--10), junior Austin Hagstrom (1-3--4), senior Jim Gudden (1-1--2), senior Brett Pietron (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jake Reichels (4-8--12), senior Zach Reiff (2-2--4)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Michael Withuski (8-2-0, 2.28, .918)
The coach says: “Goaltending, team defense and work ethic will be our strengths for us this year. The senior class is a very close group that works well together and strives on improving together as team. We need to focus on playing well in our own end and take advantages of scoring opportunities. Our captains, Zach Reiff and Clay Bassingthwaite lead by example and demand the best of their teammates.”

Chaska Hawks
Last year: 4-22-0
Conference (record): Missota (1-13-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: None
Home arena: Chaska Community Center
Head coach: Dave Snuggerud
Top returning forwards: Senior Brooks Wineberg (5-7--12), senior Garrett Paulzine (4-3--7), junior Cade Gersich (3-1--4), junior Andrew Henke (1-3--4), senior David Childers (0-3--3), sophomore Derek Annett (0-3--3), senior Eric Maki (1-1--2), senior Dean Rinnan (0-1--1), freshman Zac Rodeheffer (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Mitch Kirchoff (7-7--14), sophomore Carter Schmidt (0-5--5), senior Jake Halsne (2-1--3), junior Josh Winslow (2-0--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Blake Jackson, sophomore Seth Kinneman, freshman Thomas Hanson
The coach says: “We are looking to be competitive in the Missota Conference. Our success will be determined by our leadership of our seniors.”

Chisago Lakes Area Wildcats
Last year: 10-17-0
Conference (record): North Suburban (3-70)
Section: 4A
State trips: 1995
Home arena: Chisago Lakes Arena
Head coach: Paul Gibson
Assistant coach: Chris Slettom
Top returning forwards: Junior Brandon Gillespie (19-6--25), junior Trevor Lushanko (5-14--19), senior Bradee Thompson (9-9--18), senior Jacob Speight (5-11--16), senior Justin Bye (8-5--13), senior Benjamin Knaak (3-8--11), senior Jacob Breyfogle (4-7--11), senior Cole Peloquin (7-1--8), senior Colton Reynolds (0-8--8), senior Chris Ritter (1-4--5), junior Louis Kastenbauer (1-3--4), junior Trevor Bluhm (0-4--4)
Top returning defenseman: Senior Dan Sargeant (5-6--11)
Top returning goaltender: Sophomroe Jacob Dubose (10-17-0, 3.39, .899)

Crookston Pirates
Last year: 8-17-1
Conference (record): Mariucci (0-8-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: None
Home arena: Crookston Civic Center
Head coach: Jon Bittner
Assistant coaches: Jeremy Yeager, Jake Abrams, Lee Chaffee, Matt Steinmetz
Letterwinners returning/lost: 18/5
Top returning forwards: Senior Ryan Edevold (14-25--39), senior Dylan Klatt (13-11--24), junior Brady Heppner (7-15--22), senior Connor Morgan (10-5--15), senior Curtis Regan (3-4--7), senior Kyle Proulx (4-3--7), junior Kal Salentiny (2-3--5), senior Alex Clauson (1-2--3), senior Ethan Mercil (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Ryan Bittner (4-14--18), junior Patrick Berg (1-3--4), junior Justin Cameron (0-3--3), senior Cam Leas (1-1--2), junior Zack Sanders (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Parker Epema


Delano/Rockford Tigers
Last year: 19-8-0
Conference (record): Wright County (9-3-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: None
Home arena: Delano Area Sports Arena
Head coach: Steve Brown
Assistant coaches: Dan Paulson, Gerrit Van Bergen, Chad Wagner
Letterwinners returning/lost: 7/13
Top returning forwards: Senior Adam McLain (12-15--27), junior Justin Oja (5-19--24), senior Eric Ylitalo (8-9--17), junior Jack Nelson (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Grant Prinsen (2-12--14), senior Michael Krueger (3-6--9), senior Josh Dzurik (0-1--1)
The coach says: “With the graduation of 13 seniors, we have a number of spots to fill. We will look to several players from a successful JV team from last season and some talented incoming sophomores to build a team. It is likely that we will need to learn and mature early in the season as the team adjusts to varsity hockey. The fact that many players have worked very hard in the off-season should help in this transition.”

Detroit Lakes Lakers
Last year: 10-16-0
Conference (record): Mid-State (4-4-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: 1995, 96
Home arena: Freeman Sports Arena
Head coach: Chris Denardo
Career record: 49-50-5
Assistant coaches: Matt Wimmer, Ben Noah, Matt Anderson
Letterwinners returning/lost: 14/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Austin Rusness (17-11--28), senior Connor Collins (7-15--22), senior Kyle Herrmann (10-9--19), senior Taylor Magnusson (5-6--11), junior Casey Paskey (3-7--10), junior Wilson Lysford (5-4--9), senior Sam Velde (0-3--3), junior Braedon Householder (1-0--1), junior Jacob Fritz (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen:  Junior Michael Hermann (0-4--4), senior Isaac Fondrick (1-1--2), junior Dylan Bremseth (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Sophomore MacKenzie Steele (10-16-0, 4.34, .859)
The coach says: “We will be returning our goaltender and most of our forwards so we expect to be strong in those areas. Captain Austin Rusness was our leading goal scorer last season and needs to increase those totals this year to help our team.  Austin has a knack for finding the net and has good ice vision which should help him.  Senior Connor Collins had a great junior campaign putting up over 20 points and his gritty, tough style should help us up front or he could be back on defense as well if we need help back there. I also expect big things from senior Taylor Magnuson who I am looking for to have a breakout season. Senior Kyle Herrmann had 20 points last year and can be a big help if he produces those humbers again.  Juniors Casey Paskey and Wilson Lysford will also be looked to for scoring as they are more seasoned coming into this year. We lost two key defensemen so we will be looking to replace them in the lineup and it could be a trouble spot early in the season. We will look to Senior Isaac Fondrick and Juniors Michael Herrmann and Dylan Bremseth to bolster the defensive crew.  Junior Ben Nelson saw some time last year and may be called upon early to step up. We will have a hard working, gritty hockey team and will count on our forwards to put up points this year.  We struggled in that area last year and it needs to improve for us to be successful. We return Mackenzie Steele, our Freshman goalie from last year, and I expect hiim to be more confident and ready this year and improve on what I would consider to be a strong freshman season. He could be the key to our success this season.”

Duluth Denfeld Hunters
Last year: 11-14-2
Conference (record): Lake Superior (25-1)
Section: 7A
State trips: 1954, 96 (as Central), 1986, 88, 89 (as Denfeld)
Home arena: Duluth Heritage Sports Center
Head coach: Kevin Smalley
Assistant coaches: Brian Lent, Ron Tomassoni, Matt Smith, Tom Cooke
Letterwinners returning/lost: 13/11
Top returning forwards: Senior Levi Talarico (21-24--45), senior Alex Thompson (14-11--25), junior Steven McIver (2-1--3)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore Nick Thompson (3-9--12), senior Travis Samuelson (0-5--5), senior Matt Mattila (1-3--4)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Zach Thompson (7-12-1, 3.66, .886)
The coach says: “We lost a great group of seniors and unfortunately things didn’t pan out the way we wanted them to. The character they brought every day has helped the younger kids all the way through, knowing what it’s like to be successful. I think they left us with a bunch of guys who are hungry and want to compete. For us to be successful we have to have our leaders step up to the plate and play big. Not only do they want that, but they’re looking hard to try and get it.”

Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers
Last year: 21-9-0
Conference (record): Lake Superior (5-1-0)
Section: 7A
State trips: 2001, 05, 06, 07, 08, 12
Home arena: Mars Lakeview Arena
Head coach: Brendan Flaherty
Career record: 305-167-13
Assistant coaches: Jason Watt, Dale Jago, Jim Watt
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/9
Top returning forwards: Senior Jeremy Lopez (22-25--47), senior Kris McKinzie (22-21--43), junior Anthony Miller (11-20--31), senior Matt Klassen (11-14--25), sophomore Cameron McClure (9-11--20), senior Michael Damberg (5-15--20), junior Luke Pavelich (9-9--18), senior Connor Flaherty (8-8--16), junior Joe Daly (0-4--4)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore Jordan Fralich (12-13--25), junior Kyle Jones (0-4--4)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Caden Flaherty (11-3-0, 2.79, .885), sophomore Alex Murray (9-7-0, 3.24, .908)
The coach says: “We look for this year’s seniors to pick up where last year’s left off in the leadership department.”

East Grand Forks Green Wave
Last year: 17-11-0
Conference (record): Mariucci (7-7-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: 1971, 80, 82, 98, 99, 2001, 02
Home arena: East Grand Forks Civic Center
Co-head coaches: Cory Chupka, Tyler Palmiscno
Assistant coaches: Chad Dahlen, Jim Enright, Scott Oliver
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/9
Top returning forwards: Senior Tommy Hajicek (13-20--33), senior Kolton Aubol (18-14--32), senior Nick Korynta (7-13--20), junior Luke Beito (6-4--10), sophomore Dixon Bowen (3-6--9), senior Rayce Martin (2-3--5), junior Cale Mack (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Colton Poolman (3-9--12), junior Eddie Eades (2-5--7), junior Taylor Brierley (1-1--2), junior Zane Hemsing (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Tanner Lindstrom (2-1-0, 1.67, .914)
The coach says: “We have added some tough opponents to the schedule but should compete very well. We will be strong up front with key players returning but also have leadership at the blueline. We have players with skill, toughness and will have a net presence. The new players coming in have the opportunity to compete and make an impact at this level coming from the Bantam program. There are again high expectations so consistency will be very important but also playing solid defense as new goalies will enter this season.”

Ely/Northeast Range Timberwolves
Last year: 6-14-0
Conference: Independent
Section: 7A
State trips: None
Home arena: Ely Ice Arena
Head coach: Kurt Mattila
Assistant coaches: Todd Aho, Jim Koski
Top returning forwards: Senior Carter Manning (16-9--25), junior Bobby Shusta (9-9--18), senior Austin Berens (4-11--15), junior Pat Leustek (1-2--3), senior Ben Aho (0-1--1), senior Patrick Kerntz (0-1--1), Andy Krunkkala (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Louis Gerzin (9-6--15), junior John Schreffler (1-5--6), senior Ryan Mahoney (0-3--3)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Kael Richards

Eveleth-Gilbert Golden Bears
Last year: 8-16-0
Conference (record): Iron Range (0-7-0)
Section: 7A
State trips: 1945 Champs, 46, 47, 48 Champs, 49 Champs, 50 Champs, 51 Champs, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 60, 1993 Champs, 98 Champs
Home arena: The Hippodrome
Head coach: Jeff Torrel
Assistant coaches: Steve Troutwine, Paul Coombe
Letterwinners returning/lost: 12/6
Top returning forwards: Junior Mitchell Huffmann (15-18--33), senior Cole Jackson (15-13--28), junior Gus Karkinen (13-12--25), junior Chet Mugge (1-0--1), junior Daniel Rodriguez (0-1--1), junior Jon Martinson (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Brett Kivela (11-12--23), senior Greg Fautch (2-5--7), senior Brandon Gross (0-6--6)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Casey Diwishek, sophomore Chad Heitala, Derek Hirch
The coach says: “We will have good Senior and Junior leadership this season. We will need our older players to step up and lead the team. Keys are always on defense and in front of our net. We should be good on offense, improving from last season. ”

Fairmont Cardinals
Last year: 5-18-0
Conference (record): South Central (0-6-0)
Section: 3A
State trips: None
Home arena: Martin County Arena
Head coach: Brady Meyer
Career record: 12-33-0
Assistant coach: Ian Bents
Top returning forwards: Junior Brock Johnson (5-7--12), senior Grant Becker (4-4--8), junior Ben Mitchell (2-0--2), junior Josh Wills (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Greg Claeys (1-4--5), junior Trason Arens (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Derrick Hohensee

Faribault Falcons
Last year: 8-18-0
Conference (record): Big 9 (6-11-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: 1993
Home arena: Faribault Ice Arena
Head coach: Dean Weasler
Assistant coaches: Chris Storey, Dan Pumper, Mike Swanson
Top returning forwards: Senior Cody Colegrove (8-10--18), senior Logan Murphy (6-5--11), sophomore Christan Von Ruden (8-2--10), junior Austin Houge (4-3--7), junior Evan Jensen (0-5--5), junior Turner Putrah (2-1--3), junior Isaiah Brogden (1-1--2), senior Luke Thom (1-1--2), senior Brett Grossman (1-0--1), sophomore Riley Marquardt (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Connor Weirsheim (8-10--18), senior Blake Langerud (5-5--10), senior Daniel Pierce (2-4--6), senior Brandon Gray (1-3--4), junior Jake Murray (0-2--2), junior Austin Bauer (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Cody Morsching (4-13-0, 4.32, .886)

Fergus Falls Otters
Last year: 14-12-1
Conference (record): Central Lakes (10-4-1)
Section: 6A
State trips: 1997, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03
Home arena: Fergus Falls Arena
Head coach: Mike Donaghue
Assistant coach: Tim Lill
Top returning forwards: Senior Casey Ward (8-21--29), junior Sam Rausch (9-6--15), junior Colton Buseth (7-5--12), senior Aidan Colling (4-3--7)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Joe Nathe (9-18--27), junior Adam Evenson (3-3--6), senior Bradie Wahlgren (3-1--4)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Ian Bjorgum (9-6-1, 3.45, .870)
The coach says: “We lost our leading scorer, Jake Ahlgren, to the USHL, so we will rely on Casey Ward and Sam Rausch for scoring this season. We will look to Aidan Colling to make an impact with his 6-foot-8 frame.”

Greenway Raiders
Last year: 11-15-0
Conference: Independent
Section: 7A
State trips: 1962, 66, 67 Champs, 68 Champs, 69, 70, 87, 92 Champs, 2001
Home arena: Hodgins-Berardo Arena
Head coach: Jim Lawson
Career record: 31-42-0
Assistant coach: Adam Johnson
Top returning forwards: Senior Bazil Zuehlke (15-24--39), senior Alex Troumbly (16-19--35), senior Jayden Gangl (14-18--32), junior Darin Estey (15-5--20), senior Zach Childs (6-4--10), senior Colton Hill (1-5--6)

Henry Sibley Warriors
Last year: 9-18-0
Conference (record): Classic Suburban (1-15-0)
Section: 3AA
State trips: 1973, 74, 75, 76, 82, 83, 93, 97
Home arena: West St. Paul Arena
Head coach: Patrick Bogie
Assistant coaches: Bob Hoban, Corey Hessler, Steve Lempelius
Top returning forwards: Senior Jack Coleman (11-6--17), senior Austin Westman (3-8--11), junior Cole Lucken (6-4--10), senior T.J. Lang (4-2--6), junior Blake Andert (1-1--2), senior Dana Larson (1-0--1), Jack Flynn (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Noah Nelson (5-18--23), junior Adam Stenhaug (7-6--13), Nick Cooper (1-0--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Cody Dornbush, senior Jeremy Zeis


Hermantown Hawks
Last year: 30-1-0
Conference (record): Lake Superior (8-0-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: 1994, 98, 99, 2001, 06, 07 Champs, 10, 11, 12
Home arena: Hermantown Arena
Head coach: Bruce Plante
Career record: 415-181-17
Assistant coaches: Darryl Illikainen, Craig Peterson, Matt Swanson, Nate Buck
Letterwinners returning/lost: 10/11
Top returning forwards: Senior Chris Benson (21-20--41), senior Travis Koepke (14-16--30), senior Bo Gronseth (13-13--26), junior Zach Kramer (3-8--11), senior Austin Kingsporn (4-4--8), senior Grant Sega (2-4--6), senior Lane LeGarde (1-1--2), Kori Ochs (2-0--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jake Zeleznikar (7-22--29), junior Neal Pionk (8-9--17), senior Christian Wasbotton (2-2--4), senior Joe Muehlbauer (1-0--1)
The coach says: “I expect our team to be more competitive as our season goes on. We return some very good players but will lack depth to begin season. Our strength lies in our top 5-7 players which should help our scoring and special teams. We need to find some strong goaltending, a couple decent defensemen, additional scoring and depth to be successful at the end of the season.”

Hibbing/Chisholm Bluejackets
Last year: 15-12-0
Conference (record): Iron Range (5-2-0)
Section: 7A
State trips: 1952 Champs, 67, 70, 73 Champs, 74, 82, 84, 85, 86, 94, 2003, 04, 11
Home arena: Hibbing Memorial Building
Head coach: Mark DeCenzo
Assistant coaches: Dan Gotz, Shane Holman, Travis Weber, Brian McDonald, Grant Clafton
Top returning forwards: Senior Adam Johnson (28-31--59), senior Josh Bestul (18-13--31), senior Derek Abrahamson (10-11--21), senior Billy Wherland (10-7--17), junior Sage Hopke (8-7--15), junior Eric Gooden (4-10--14), junior Eric Riihinen (3-8--11), senior Cole Maki (3-5--8),  sophomore Ty Birdsall (0-2--2), junior Jeff Perunovich (0-1--1), senior Taylor Persson (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Mike Cole Schafer (5-16--21), junior Dylan Pechovnik (3-6--9), junior Logan Peratalo (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Tyler Carlson (11-10-0, 3.19, .885), junior AJ Allison (2-0-0, 0.40, .973), sophomore Isiah Dilley (2-0-0, 0.50, .958)

Hutchinson Tigers
Last year: 10-17-0
Conference (record): Wright County (4-8-0)
Section: 3A
State trips: 1995, 97, 2000, 09
Home arena: Burich Arena
Head coach: Matt Telecky
Career record: 81-119-7
Assistant coaches: Ross Wendling, Nick Nelson
Letterwinners returning/lost: 16/4
Top returning forwards: Senior Cody Nielsen (11-19--30), sophomore Matthew Cowger (10-12--22), junior Tory Adams (10-4--14), senior Logan Goosen (4-5--9), senior Justin Driver (3-2--5), senior Alec Westlund (0-3--3), junior Ryan Lenz (2-0--2)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore Keegan Maceman (3-13--16), junior Alec Maher (1-1--2), senior L.J. Rogers
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Zach Allen (6-11-0, 4.76, .865), senior Kellyn Buss (4-6-0, 4.90, .848)
The coach says: “Expectations are high for our forward group in which we are returning eight skaters with a great deal of varsity time. As with every year, we want to be playing our best hockey in February and hopefully March.”

International Falls Broncos
Last year: 16-11-0
Conference (record): Iron Range (3-5-0)
Section: 7A
State trips: 1950, 56, 57 Champs, 58, 59, 62 Champs, 63, 64 Champs, 65 Champs, 66 Champs, 68, 71, 72 Champs, 73, 83, 89, 95 Champs, 2000, 02
Home arena: Bronco Arena
Head coach: Bruce Elson
Assistant coaches: Tom Biondich, Ross Johnson
Top returning forwards: Senior Lucas Debenedet (28-33--61), senior Eric Lassila (15-13--28), junior Luke Spilde (2-2--4), sophomore Jackson Vollom (2-1--3), Evan Holenko (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Kyler Schneider (5-7--12), senior Nick Anderson (1-9--10), senior Derek White (1-8--9), senior Alex Kennedy (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Wes Gunnerson (14-11-0, 3.18, .871), junior Wyatt Ulrich (2-0-0, 2.20, .903)

Kittson County Central Bearcats
Last year: 10-16-0
Conference (record): Northwest (2-4-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: None
Home arena: Hallock Ice Arena
Head coach: Robert Carr
Assistant coaches: Brian Pastir
Top returning forwards: Sophomore Dalton Klegstad (19-13--32), senior Kyle Petersburg (16-16--32), junior Nick Kasprowicz (8-10--18), sophomore Billy Thorsteinson (6-11--17), sophomore Anders Lindegard (5-7--12), senior junior Zach Gatheridge (5-2--7), senior Braedon Weimer (1-1--2), senior Anton Anderson (0-1--1), junior Ian Bergh (1-0--1), junior Jesse Younggren (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore Alex Vagle (8-14--22), junior Tyler Cosley (8-7--15), senior J.P. Mortenson (4-8--12), sophomore Blair Younggren (1-5--6), sophomore Thorsteinson (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Tucker Cosley (6-7-0, 3.36, .916)

La Crescent Lancers
Last year: 8-16-0
Conference: Independent
Section: 1A
State trips: None
Home arena: La Crescent Community Arena
Head coach: JP Piche’
Career record: 112-203-9
Assistant coaches: Jesse Dickson, Stiehl Krueger
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/8
Top returning forwards: Junior Justin Paul (5-17--22), senior Jevin Dorschner (7-12--19), sophomore Austin DeBoer (3-3--6), freshman Kyle colsch (1-5--6), senior Nick Moser (1-3--4), sophomore Noah Salow (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Ethan Von Arx (3-3--6), junior Jason Witt (1-3--4)
The coach says: “Last year we lettered three eighth graders and two freshmen who played on our top three lines and top four defense. We look to only have about 15 players in our entire high school program this year ... struggles of a small-town southeastern Minnesota program – low numbers and off-season hockey opportunities (as the city closed our arena for the summer and early fall). We will look to be competitve in each game we play. Our three returning seniors and three returning juniors will need to log a lot of ice time and be leaders on and off the ice.”

Lake of the Woods Bears
Last year: 8-18-0
Conference (record): Northwest (3-2-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: 1949, 50, 51 (as Williams), 1993
Home arena: Baudette Arena
Head coach: Brett Johnson
Assistant coaches: Tim Lyon, Curt Bitter
Letterwinners returning/lost: 16/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Evan Torgeson (12-12--24), junior Blake Olson (8-15--23), senior Victor Dahl (7-7--14), sophomore Dominic Krause (3-4--7), sophomore Kalvin Krause (1-2--3), junior Robbie Schulz (1-2--3), Jaden Gustafson (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Cole Nelson (8-9--17), senior Nick Bitter (2-6--8)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Kyle Olson

Legacy Christian Academy Lions
Last year: 13-11-3
Conference (record): Two Rivers (7-7-1)
Section: 5A
State trips: None
Home arena: Schwan Super Rink
Head coach: Steve Larson
Assistant coaches: Aaron Baumgartner, Ryan Adams, Tucker Arenz, Dave Cole
Letterwinners returning/lost: 16/3
Top returning forwards: Senior Ike Larson (13-15--28), junior Brock Thompson (11-11--22), junior Tyler Arenz (13-3--16), junior Gordy Vitek (9-6--15), senior Brandon Leier (8-5--13), senior Matt Larson (5-7--12), junior Gunnar Koski (1-6--7), senior Lucas Stauffeneker (2-2--4), sophomore Joe Olufson (0-3--3), junior Lukas Lorensen (1-0--1), sophomore Shaw Wiczek (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore Zack Cole (2-11--13), senior Sam Asfahl (4-6--10), senior Nolan Bloyer (3-7--10), junior Elmo Holleran (1-2--3), sophomore Jordan Sutherland (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Tanner Balk (3-2-2, 2.10 .925), junior Brandon Cram (1-0-0, 2.25, .929)
The coach says: “The Legacy Lions continued to make strides in their program last season, and are expected to take another step this season. The Lions have set a goal to contend for the Two Rivers Conference championship. This year’s team also anticipates advancing deeper into the playoffs. Overall, the team is shooting for 15 to 20 wins this season, which would be a school record. The Lions will be strong from the net out. The question is how proficient will they be at putting the puck in the net. But with Tanner Balk, a strong force in the nets, along with a very capable backup in Brandon Cram, a solid core of returning defensemen and three returning forward lines, the season looks bright for this year’s team. As stated earlier, in order for the Lions to be successful, they need to put the puck in the net. That means having a GFA of 4+. Legacy also will be need to average a GAA of 2.5 or less.”

LeSueur-Henderson/St. Peter Bulldogs
Last year: 20-7-0
Conference (record): South Central (4-2-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: None
Home arena: LeSueur Community Center
Head coach: Shawn Carlson
Career record: 12-13-2
Assistant coaches: David Swanberg, Danny Endres
Letterwinners returning/lost: 9/12
Top returning forwards: Senior Austin Braun (12-20--32), senior Luke Regner (5-13--18), junior Ryan Hoehn (4-9--13), senior Brock Solomon (6-6--12), senior Jon Favre (4-6--10)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Ryan Moriarty (1-5--6), senior Levi Steuck (1-3--4)
The coach says: “We are coming off of the best season in our program’s history, and it will be hard to top that.  We will be solid defensively again, but we will need some of our younger guys to step up and put pucks in the net for us.  If we can continue to compete as hard as we can, work together, and have fun we will have continued success we believe.”

Litchfield/Dassel-Cokato Dragons
Last year: 5-21-0
Conference (record): Wright County (0-12-0)
Section: 3A
State trips: 1996, 2008
Home arena: Litchfield Civic Arena
Head coach: Chris Olson
Career record: 97-138-10
Assistant coaches: Craig McKechney, Terry Dvorak, Duane Lundin
Letterwinners returning/lost: 14/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Mike Spreiter (9-10--19), senior Aaron Haataja (4-9--13), senior Kent Ryynanen (6-7--13), senior Reid Nelson (6-2--8), senior Brady Meyer (3-1--4), senior Ryan Tormanen (1-2--3), junior Ethan Niemela (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Chad Johnson (1-6--7), senior Garrett Impola (3-4--7), senior Taylor Gassman (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Braeden Wahl, senior Tyler Helonen
The coach says: “We have a lot of guys with experience starting in the net. We have a solid core of players coming back who saw a lot of varsity time last season. We will need to be solid in the nets and play good defensive hockey.”


Little Falls Flyers
Last year: 21-10-0
Conference (record): Central Lakes (1-4-0)
Section: 6A
State trips: 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 12
Home arena: Exchange Arena
Head coach: Tony Couture
Career record: 288-190-8
Assistant coaches: Bob Stark, Jon Majerle, Chris Dobis
Letterwinners returning/lost: 10/4
Top returning forwards: Senior Ben Newman (24-27--51), senior Luke Majerle (14-31--45), senior Austin Bjorge (17-9--26), senior Alex Nelson (11-6--17), junior Mark Anez (8-9--17), senior Auggie Maciej (5-8--13)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Matt Stumpf (6-16--22), senior Spencer Fenske (4-15--19), senior Nathan Adamietz (0-7--7)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Michael Stumpf (21-10-0, 2.38, .906), senior J.J. Jopp (1.99, .833)
The coach says: “We have 10 of the 14 starters back from last year. Senior goalie Michael Stumpf proved to be a difference maker and is back again in goal which will help the Flyers keep the puck out of the net. High expectations are running high in Little Falls after a great run at the state tourney, surprising some teams to take the consolation championship. With veteran leadership in the locker room, the Flyers should be strong and experience will play a big factor in the team’s ability to have a Section 6A run.”

Luverne Cardinals
Last year: 21-4-2
Conference (record): Southwest (8-1-1)
Section: 3A
State trips: None
Home arena: Blue Mound Ice Arena
Co-head coaches: Tony Sandbulte, Derrick Brown
Career record: 62-33-4
Assistant coach: Matt Lais
Letterwinners returning/lost: 16/4
Top returning forwards: Senior Skyler Wenninger (24-30--54), senior Jonny Solma (16-24--40), junior Gunnar Olson (20-19--39), junior Logan Norman (13-17--30), junior Jordan Dingmann (7-13--20), senior Cole Desplinter (4-11--15), junior Jackson Frankenhoff (6-6--12)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Austin Maxwell (16-32--48), sophomore Toby Sengvongxay (4-17--21), junior Travis Frakes (5-10--15), senior Matthew Sterrett (0-4--4), Cole Walgrave (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Kendall Meyer (13-3-2, 2.01, .921), junior Andrew Jelken
The coach says: “We are very excited about the upcoming season in Luverne. We are coming off a season where we set a school record for wins and we were able to advance to school’s first ever Section final in boys’ hockey. We return 16 letterwinners from last year’s team and we look to be a veteran team hungry to try to continue our progress as one of the better program in Southwest Minnesota. We want to again compete for a Southwest Conference title this season. We want to work to continue to improve our play so that we are playing are best hockey come late February and are hopeful to have another playoff run into March.”

Mahtomedi Zephyrs
Last year: 16-11-0
Conference (record): Classic Suburban (9-6-0)
Section: 4A
State trips: 1992, 94, 97, 98, 2001, 09, 10
Home arena: St. Croix Recreation Center
Head coach: Jeff Poeschl
Assistant coaches: Russ Becker, Jeff Mars, Tom Strelow
Top returning forwards: Senior Matt Bonine (7-12--19), senior Trevor Keeney (4-3--7), McQuaid Boo (3-2--5), senior Jake Albin (1-2--3), senior Mac Rathmanner (2-1--3), junior Tanner Mireault (0-3--3), senior Luke Lindahl (0-2--2), senior Matthew Blegen (0-1--1), sophomore Reid Mathson (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jake Erickson (2-8--10), senior Adam Boben (1-4--5), junior Cosimo Yapello (1-2--3), junior Jack Buttermore (0-3--3), junior Trevor Dittberner (2-1--3)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Colin Denis (5-0-0, 1.20, .915)

Mankato East/Loyola Cougars
Last year: 4-21-0
Conference (record): Big 9 (1-10-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: 2006
Home arena: All Seasons Arena
Head coach: Aaron Anderson
Career record: 119-185-4
Assistant coaches: Brian Kershaw, Grant Hayden, Todd Szeczepanski
Letterwinners returning/lost: 12/4
Top returning forwards: Senior Carter Johnson (5-9--14), senior Alex Schulz (2-3--5), sophomore Austin Eesley (3-1--4), junior Brad Johnson (1-3--4), senior Nick Yess (1-3--4), senior Teal Leskey (3-1--4), junior Brandon Treinen (0-1--1), junior Nick Courier (0-1--1)
Top returning defenseman: Junior Shane Sellner (4-7--11), senior Brent Adams (3-4--7), senior Jaakko Jarvikare (3-4--7), junior Chris Liu (0-5--5), junior Sean Allan (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Aaron Kroeber
The coach says: “We have high expectations for our team this year. Although we will have a young team, we have a good group of skilled and seasoned players that can have a positive impact. We will have a much greater offensive attack, as well as much more depth than the previous two seasons. Top returning players are Carter Johnson and Shane Sellner. Brent Adams, Teal Leskey, Alex Schulz and Chris Liu all bring great experience with them into their third varsity season.”

Mankato West Scarlets
Last year: 13-13-1
Conference (record): Big 9 (10-8-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: 2008
Home arena: All Seasons Arena
Head coach: Curtis Doell
Career record: 38-23-5
Assistant coaches: Jason Anderson, Zach Blasing, Luke Shermock
Letterwinners returning/lost: 10/7
Top returning forwards: Senior Ryan Jutting (13-13--26), junior Derek Frentz (7-15--22), junior Zach Erickson (12-6--18), junior Galt Goettl (8-6--14), junior Nicholas Campbell (6-6--12), senior Nate Krueger (4-3--7), junior Isaac Weber (1-1--2)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Max Mettler (0-14--14), junior Scott McKissick (3-9--12), senior Ryan Lindquist (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Jake Spiess (1-1-0, 1.83, .915)
The coach says: “With a year under their belts, the junior class wil be the core of our team this season.We are only returning two seniors from last season that played regularly. With the loss of our captain from last season to a transfer, we will also need our D-corps to pick up some big minutes, led by Max Mettler and Scott McKissick. We also lost our senior goalie and will need our junior Jake Spiess to not only earn the spot, but also excel with a young, inexperienced back end. We have two freshmen players to watch in Tyler Loe and Tyler Jutting. We expect big things out of these two young men and need them to develop quickly for us to make any run into the playoffs. With our entire junior class returning, we should have two good lines up front with senior Ryan Jutting, our leading scorer from a year ago, needing a breakout season for us.”

Marshall Tigers
Last year: 16-8-1
Conference (record): Southwest (9-1-0)
Section: 3A
State trips: None
Home arena: Lyon County Ice Arena
Head coach: Dave Coudert
Assistant coaches: Scott Mellenthin, Aaron Schroeder, Michael Weiss
Top returning forwards: Senior Beau Mikel (12-16--28), senior Quinn Horvath (16-11--27), senior Corey Clark (7-6--13), senior Leo Zerr (8-4--12), senior Tyler Untiedt (0-6--6), senior Adam McVey (3-1--4), junior Andrew Bell (1-3--4), junior Alex Buysse (0-3--3), senior Randy Louwagie (0-1--1), Blaine Moran (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Brent Haukom (0-7--7), senior Austin Leek (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Mason Campion (13-7-1, 2.89, .892), senior Adam Cavazos (3-1-0, 4.16, .827)

Minnehaha Academy Redhawks
Last year: 9-15-1
Conference (record): Tri-Metro (2-9-1)
Section: 2A
State trips: None
Home arena: Minnehaha Academy Ice Arena
Head coach: Pat Griswold
Assistant coaches: Tyler Howells, Tyler Chestnut, Jerome Bergquist, Patrick Hellier
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Ryan Leo (20-20--40), senior Ryan Evenson (14-16--30), senior Erik Madryga (3-8--11), junior Luke Erickson (0-7--7), senior David Schuyler (1-1--2), sophomore Josh Galkowski (0-1--1), sophomore Sam Lundquist (1-0--1)
Top returning defenseman: Senior Jacob Eggers (1-6--7), sophomore Noah Fabie (2-3--5), senior Keenan Baynard (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Matt Sawyer
The coach says: “We expect to grow on year one of a new era for Redhawk Hockey. We have two high-level forwards returning in Ryan Leo and Ryan Evenson. We also have two strong defensemen returning in Noah Fabie and Jacob Eggers. The team also has an influx of newcomers to the roster, with as many as eight first-year players seeing varsity action. The key to the season will be the top players leading the way on the scoresheet, the newcomers growing up quickly and strong goaltending.”

Moose Lake Area Rebels
Last year: 12-15-0
Conference (record): Two Rivers (7-7-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: None
Home arena: Riverside Arena
Head coach: Josh Gamst
Career record: 30-23-1
Assistant coaches: Chris Gamst, Corey Klavu
Top returning forwards:  Senior Tyler Cisar (43-44--87), senior Michael Gassert (8-19--27), sophomore Teddy Ryan (4-5--9), junior Jon Evenson (2-5--7), sophomore Gabe Douglas (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Cole Lower (5-8--13), sophomore Jesse Granfors (0-5--5), sophomore Asa Spicer (1-3--4), senior Tyler Hoffman (2-2--4)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Gage Moholsky

Mora/Hinckley-Finlayson Mustangs
Last year: 10-16-0
Conference (record): Granite Ridge (7-7-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: None
Home arena: Mora Civic Center
Head coach: Charlie Whitbred, Jr.
Career record: 80-117-8
Assistant coach: Brett Baldwin
Top returning forwards: Senior Derek Graves (20-14--34), senior Dylan Libra (16-14--30), senior Troy Jones (15-8--23), junior Greg Chmiel (2-10--12), senior Connor Cannon (6-5--11) , senior Matthew Podvin (4-5--9), junior Thomas Pasillas (1-0--1)
Top returning defenseman: Junior Hunter Wedin (2-3--5)
Top returning goaltenders: Sophomore Jacob Fremont, sophomore Tanner Baxley
The coach says: “With five of the six top goal scorers back from last year, the Mustangs should be productive on offense. The question mark will be on the blue line and between the pipes. With a small roster they will need to stay healthy in order to compete for a full season.”

Morris/Benson Area Storm
Last year: 10-14-1
Conference (record): Southwest (5-4-1)
Section: 6A
State trips: None
Home arena: Lee Community Center, Benson Civic Center
Head coach: James Kennedy
Assistant coaches: Scott Barta, Tony Schultz
Top returning forwards: Senior Tanner Picht (26-18--44), senior Mac Beyer (15-19--34), senior Brody Gimberlin (14-11--25), senior Darion Helberg (5-13--18), sophomore Tanner Gimberlin (6-9--15), senior Riley Blake (3-4--7), senior Andrew Rentz (1-3--4), sophomore Cory Goff (0-3--3)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jordan Staples (2-19--21), junior Tanner Mikkelson (2-5--7), junior Corey Storck (1-5--6), junior Chad Schwarz (0-3--3)

Mound-Westonka Whitehawks
Last year: 16-9-1
Conference (record): Wright County (8-3-1)
Section: 2A
State trips: 1998, 2001
Home arena: Thaler Sports Center
Head coach: Doug Runke
Career record: 55-41-10
Assistant coaches: John Frazier, Tim Dunn
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/10
Top returning forwards: Junior Hunter Smith (16-19--35), senior Jack Brandstetter (12-14--26), senior Ben O’Borsky (5-12--17), senior Tanner Palm (7-10--17), senior Blake Brady (5-6--11), senior Jeremy Schulz (6-3--9), senior Kyle Luehmann (2-6--8), junior Jack Sterne (1-3--4)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Charlie Curti (7-11--18), senior Nick Tshida (0-5--5)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Andy Seats (9-2-0, 2.66, .897)
The coach says: “The team looks to pick up were it left at last year and continue to improve. Although the team will have to replace 10 letterwinners, there are 11 returners and some players coming up from a strong JV team that are ready to prove they are ready to play at the varsity level. The strength for the team is the depth at the forward positions. The top four lines should all be ready to play consistent varsity shifts and the top two lines look to be higher powered offensively than last year with another season of experience under their belt. There are five returners that finished the season with double digit points, including leading scorers Hunter Smith and Jack Brandstetter. The goaltending position brings back a lot of game experience in Andy Seats. After the graduation of four defensemen, there will be some holes to fill at the blue line. Charlie Curti and Nick Tschida will provide leadership and experience to that position.The key to the season will be to get some defensemen up to speed quickly on the back end to help with the defensive zone. The veteran forwards will be expected to help on the defensive side and translate defense in to offense in a hurry. The forward crew has the potential to be very offensive and the team will look to them to generate goals as a group.”


New Prague Trojans
Last year: 13-12-1
Conference (record): Missota (10-4-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: None
Head coach: Chris Lonke
Assistant coaches: Mike Bailey, Nick Bowe, Chris Morris, Matt Miller
Top returning forwards: Junior Austin Kilian (12-9--21), junior Seth Kriha (4-2--6), junior Augie Isaacson (1-4--5), senior Kain Wagner (4-1--5), senior Nick Sampson (2-3--5)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Cody Meyer (8-13--21), senior Jack Pexa (10-9--19), junior Ryan Drazan (1-7--8), junior Cullen Smith (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Evan Bisek (2-2-0, 3.17, .887)

New Ulm Eagles
Last year: 17-13-0
Conference (record): South Central (6-0-0)
Section: 3A
State trips: 1992, 2010, 11, 12
Home arena: New Ulm Civic Center
Head coach: Erik Setterholm
Career record: 106-56-6
Assistant coaches: Mike Peterson, Chad Kraus
Letterwinners returning/lost: 9/11
Top returning forwards: Junior Judd Davis (16-23--39), sophomore Eyatt Peterson (10-13--23), senior Blake Neumann (12-5--17), sophomore Brandon Helget (4-8--12), junior Cole Dulas (2-2--4), senior Colin Kral (2-0--2)
Top returning defenseman: Senior Mitch Neid (0-1--1))
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Brach Kraus (10-5-0, 2.84, .878), senior Jordan Kokesch (3-4-0, 3.69, .876)
The coach says: “We lost some good players to graduation, but we also bring back a solid core of varsity players. With the success of the last few years and a good group of players returning, the expectations will be high.”

North Branch Vikings
Last year: 4-20-1
Conference (record): Two Rivers (3-10-1)
Section: 5A
State trips: None
Home arena: Chisago Lakes Ice Arena
Head coach: Mike Deschneau
Assistant coaches: Blake Nelson, Glen Stevens
Top returning forwards: Senior Mitch Patten (6-7--13), senior Brandon Kratzke (4-4--8), senior Ryan Zentner (2-5--7), junior Joey Courtright (1-4--5), senior Alex Miller (1-3--4), sophomore Connor Martineau (4-0--4), sophomore Colten Danks (0-1--1), senior Jared Axberg (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Brandon Timm (0-5--5), senior Eric Chilstrom (0-1--1), senior Tim Courtright (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Tyler Byrkit, sophomore Donocan Steffen

North Shore
Last year: 14-12-0 (Silver Bay), 6-20-1 (Two Harbors)
Conference: Independent
Section: 7A
State trips: 1999 (as Silver Bay)
Home arena: Rukavina Arena, Lake County Arena
Co-head coaches: Shawn Bartlette, Steve Wasko
Assistant coach: Deven VanHouse
Letterwinners returning/lost: 19/10
Top returning forwards: Junior Luke Small (27-18--45), junior Thomas Anderson (11-17--28), senior Bradley Rowlee (10-17--27), junior Mills Johnson (11-15--26), senior Austyn Wasko (9-12--21), junior Jonah Koehler (8-7--15), junior Tyler Schramm (8-3--11), junior Corey Johnson (3-3--6), junior Nick Johnson (3-1--4), junior Blake LeBlanc (1-2--3), sophomore Casey Sandretsky (1-1--2), senior Garrett Aho (0-2--2), sophomore Gunnar Kempfert (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Kory Buckman (0-6--6), junior Chad Smuck (1-4--5), junior Mike Nordean (1-4--5), junior Lucas Kempfert (1-3--4), senior Brock LeBlanc (0-1--1), sophomore Marcus Small (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Freshman Alex Murray (10-11-1, 3.73, .891), senior Sam Andrus, senior Micky Smith, sophomore Mike Staniko, freshman Kody Waldron
The coach says: “The co-op will give us much-needed depth for both programs. We’re looking to build a new/strong tradition on the North Shore and with that, a level of competition that will compete in the historically strong Section 7A. Our strength should be the play of our 16 juniors who have played varsity for a couple of years.”

Northfield Raiders
Last year: 15-11-1
Conference (record): Missota (6-7-1)
Section: 1A
State trips: None
Home arena: Northfield Ice Arena
Head coach: Bryce Barry
Assistant coaches: Steve Beaulieu, Cory Miller, Will Fish
Letterwinners returning/lost: 14/7
Top returning forwards: Senior Andrew Scofield (17-16--33), senior Taylor Freiermuth (17-16--33), senior Alex Morsching (4-8--12), junior Nate Scofield (4-4--8), senior Torr Legvold (3-3--6), senior Ryan Malecha (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Logan VonRuden (4-11--15), sophomore Andy Carroll (0-6--6), sophomore Ben Papke (2-1--3), senior Nate Picha (2-0--2)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Spencer Jones
The coach says: “We are expecting to be one of the top four teams in Section 1 and give a strong push to get back to the section finals. We will have a solid top line made up of three seniors and a pretty strong second line. We will need some of our other players to step up and fill the third line roles. Our defense will be pretty strong with Logan Von Ruden, Andy Carroll and Ben Papke being key to our success. Goaltending will be our biggest hole to fill and we will be looking at Spencer Jones or Paul Hummel to fill the starting role. The keys for us will be playing tight gap and taking space away from teams, quick on the transition and getting scoring production out of our second and third lines.”

Orono Spartans
Last year: 13-10-3
Conference (record): Wright County (7-4-1)
Section: 2A
State trips: 1992, 93, 2002, 03, 04, 06, 07
Home arena: Orono Ice Arena
Head coach: Aaron Johnson
Assistant coaches: Thomas Johnston, Todd Weisjahn, Rory Dynan, Josh Leddy
Letterwinners returning/lost: 21/3
Top returning forwards: Sophomore Gavin Payne (25-28--53), senior Danny Wilson (12-17--29), junior Ellis Noerenberg (1-12--13), senior Nick Schroeder (5-8--13), junior Sam Challgren (6-6--12), senior Alex Gross (7-1--8), senior Trevor Knight (3-5--8), senior Noah Schultz (2-5--7), senior Silas Cleveland (1-4--5), senior Zack Grochowski (1-2--3), senior Wil Horoshak (0-2--2), junior Conner Avery (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Jake Flemmer (5-15--20), senior Derek Limesand (3-8--11), junior Chas Lee (1-1--2), senior Liam Sullivan (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Ryan Breon (12-9-2, 2.89, .901), junior Clay Knutsen
The coach says: “We return a strong number of players from last year’s young team. Our strengths will be from our goal out. Senior goalie Ryan Breon has seen varsity action for two years. Ryan had a great second half of the season for us and is looking to build off of that this winter. In front of Ryan we return a group of seven defensmen who saw varsity action last season. In that group are two of our captains who will be entering their third seasons as top four defensmen for our program. Junior Jake Flemmer is a strong two-way defensman who scored 20 points as a sophomore, and senior Derek Limesand is a steady defense-first player whose offensive game continues to improve. Up front we will be led by sophomore Gavin Payne. As a freshman last season Gavin led our team in points and finished third in the conference with 53 and was one of the top freshmen in the state. He will be helped by senior captain Danny Wilson who scored 12 goals last season while battling through an injury. I look for Danny to have a big senior season. We have 9 or 10 other forwards who will compete for playing time and guys who we are looking at to improve their numbers from last season.”

Park Rapids Area Panthers
Last year: 14-13-0
Conference (record): Mid-State (6-2-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: None
Home arena: Park Rapids Community Center
Head coach: Pete Stahnke
Assistant coaches: Dave Carrier, Jim Wallace, Derek Lehrke, Chris Knapp
Top returning forwards: Senior Ian Johnson (12-20--32), junior Noah McPherson (6-12--18), junior Luke Jaeger (2-4--6), junior Drew Bade (3-2--5), junior Jeff Jacobson (0-2--2), junior Raul Garcia (1-1--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Frank Moren (7-8--15), junior Bailey Mueller (0-4--4), junior Jamie Stewart (2-2--4), junior Ryan DeLaHunt (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Cody Brumbaugh (9-9-0, 2.74, .919)

Pine City/Rush City Dragons
Last year: 4-20-2
Conference (record): Two Rivers (2-11-1)
Section: 5A
State trips: None
Home arena: Pine City Civic Center
Head coach: Brett Westbrook
Career record: 9-41-3
Assistant coaches: Sarah Rydberg, Mike Ryan, Neil Schumacher
Top returning forwards: Senior Adam Swanson (12-10--22), junior Casey Lucht (4-2--6), junior Dwayne Carr (0-2--2), senior Jake Kleinsasser (1-1--2), sophomore T.J. Gross (0-2--2), senior Zach Smith (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Colton Brant (2-2--4), junior Ashton LeBrun (0-1--1), senior Conner Werner (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Sophomore Tony Pitzen

Prairie Centre Area North Stars
Last year: 14-11-1
Conference (record): Mid-State (4-3-1)
Section: 6A   
State trips: None
Home arena: Sauk Centre Civic Arena, Long Prairie Expo Arena
Head coach: Rob Mettenburg
Career record: 57-89-5
Letterwinners returning/lost: 7/10
Top returning forwards: Senior Nate Mettenburg (20-21--41), junior Cody Stewart (15-7--22), junior Sam Ecker (3-7--10), junior Preston Pung (3-5--8)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Trent Berscheit (0-4--4), freshman Zack Pierskalla (0-3--3)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Clay Deters (4-2-0, 2.74, .894)
The coach says: “After losing 10 seniors, we will have our work cut out for us. The nice thing is we have really talented kids coming up. We just need to get some games under our belts and hopefully some success early will carry us. New leaders have to step up. It should be a fun year.”

Princeton Tigers
Last year: 12-13-2
Conference (record): Mississippi 8 (4-1-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: 2002, 03
Home arena: Princeton Ice Arena
Head coach: Jeff Hanson
Career record: 20-29-4
Assistant coaches: Erik Ross, Travis Schneider
Letterwinners returning/lost: 15/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Daniel Voce (21-21--42), junior Jake Green (15-20--35), senior Dan Muench (23-9--32), senior Chase Lindenfelser (10-16--26), junior Collin Buness (5-18--23), junior  Cam Paulson (7-6--13), junior A.J. Wesloh (3-3--6), senior Tyler Leverty (0-4--4), senior Allen Vlasak (1-1--2), Silas Reek (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jordan Forschen (3-8--11), junior Joey Stenslie (3-7--10), senior Justin Sjoquist (1-6--7), junior Tommy Schroepfer (2-2--4), junior Ryan Bolduc (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Max Mattson, Robert Zimmer
The coach says: “We should be a very good team this year. We return the majority of last year’s team and have an excellent, deep group of juniors and seniors. Our strength will be our depth and this group’s work-ethic. We have some excellent leadership from our senior group and that will impact how successful we are this season. ”

Proctor Rails
Last year: 11-16-2
Conference (record): Lake Superior (1-5-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: 1997
Home arena: Proctor Arena
Head coach: Steve Rodberg
Assistant coaches: Jesse Hoffbauer, Travis Warnygora, Dave Reyelts, Josh Merrier
Letterwinners returning/lost: 15/11
Top returning forwards: Senior Jimmy Merling (6-6--12), junior Shane Gould (3-9--12), senior Jack Nikko (4-5--9), junior Brodie Nordquist (4-2--6), senior Ty Rackliffe (4-1--5), junior Christian Ripley (1-2--3), junior Forest Hulter (2-1--3), junior Cade Hella (2-0--2), senior Aaron Opoien (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Isaac Scherber, Jacob Mercier, Paulie Hegstrom
The coach says: “This upcoming season, the Proctor Rails will be looking at change. New coaches, new attitude! After losing 11 senior letterwinners from the 2011-12 season, the Rails will be looking for some lesser experienced players to fill in some major roles lost. We be looking to receive some senior leadership responsibilities from key returning players including goalie Paulie Hegstrom, forwards Jack Nikko and Ty Rackliffe, along with juniors Shane Gould, Christian Ripley and Brody Nordquist. The Rails are looking forward to the challenge facing them this upcoming season.”

Providence Academy Lions
Last year: 9-17-0
Conference (record): Tri-Metro (6-6-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: None
Home arena: Plymouth Ice Center
Head coach: Hal Tearse
Career record: 118-101-6
Assistant coaches: Barrett Boe, Darin Aho
Assistant coaches: Barrett Boe, Darin Aho
Letterwinners returning/lost: 15/2
Top returning forwards: Senior Ryan Tapani (32-19--51), senior Jacob Braun (10-14--24), junior Jack McGeehan 15-2--17), senior Michael Cossette (5-12--17), senior Jack McGinty (4-6--10), junior Matthew Murphy (5-5--10), senior Charlie Warner (3-4--7), junior Bobby Latvala (0-3--3), freshman Ryan Murphy (0-2--2), junior Matt Rastetter (1-0--1)
Top returning defenseman: Senior Parker DeRosier (2-8--10)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Daniel Noble (2-4-0, 4.50, .828), junior Nick Pruden (1-5-0, 4.00, .837)
The coach says: “This will be an interesting season with a strong senior class, led by captain Ryan Tapani. As a junior last year, Tapani broke the school records for most goals in one season, most career goals and most career assists. Our defensive corps will be led by Bobby Latvala. Goaltending will again be a battle with a senior and two juniors competing for the ice time. We will measure our success by individual and team growth throughout the season. With the movement of players these days, it is hard to evaluate where we will stack up in the conference.”

Red Lake Falls Eagles
Last year: 11-16-0
Conference (record): Northwest (7-2-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: None
Home arena: Cardin-Hunt Arena
Head coach: Trevor Page
Assistant coach: Andy Knott
Letterwinners returning/lost: 13/5
Top returning forwards: Sophomore Tristan Knott (11-10--21), junior Zack Landman (9-8--17), junior Ryan Amiot (7-4--11), sophomore Alex Erickson (0-3--3), senior Artur Sharifullin (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Matt eskeli (2-2--4), junior Lars Brevik (0-3--3)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Wyatt Casavan (11-16-0, 4.02, .891), freshman Bailey Schmitz
The coach says: “We return a good amount of players that saw a lot of ice time last year and will need them to step up and be leaders this year. It will be a very competitive Northwest Conference and we must come ready to work hard and push each other every day.  Wyatt Casavan is a very solid goalie and will have to be on his game right at the beginning of the year. We will need players to step up and be our scorers with the loss of Garrett Schmitz and Dylan Zutz to graduation.”

Red Wing Wingers
Last year: 13-13-1
Conference: Missota (8-5-1)
Section: 1A
State trips: 1995, 96, 97 Champs, 98, 99, 2002
Home arena: Prairie Island Arena
Head coach: Mike Belisle
Career record: 23-31-1
Assistant coaches: Bob Rajanen, Chad Bray, Matt Richardson
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/9
Top returning forwards: Senior Taylor Hanson (16-19--35), senior Alex Rezansoff (14-16--30), senior Ryan Rehder (5-11--16), senior Tyler Rea (0-3--3), junior Joe Partington (0-3--3), senior Kyle LaPorte (1-1--2), junior Nick Sammon (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Michael Bigelbach (4-7--11), senior Anthony Kimmes (0-1--1), senior Jack Gorman (1-0--1)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Preston Blaney (10-11-1, 3.11, .901)
The coach says: “Expectations in Red Wing for our hockey program are always high. Even though we lost nine seniors with a ton of experience, we will have returning: very strong goaltending and a top line that led our team in points last season. The key strength will be in returning goaltender Preston Blaney. The second key strength will be in returning forwards Alex Rezansoff, Talyor Hanson and Ryan Rehder– all who have played big minutes 5v5 and our special teams over the past four years. The third strength will be the play of our top returning D-men: Michael Bigelbach, Anthony Kimmes and Jack Gorman – who all have three years experience at the high school level. All of these strengths carry years of tradition and a passion to compete for a section title. The keys to a  successfull season will be: 1) the leadership and play of our top returning players,  2) how well and quickly our incoming talented class of sophomore and freshmen players get acclamated to high school play, 3) our growth through adversity and 4) goaltending, goaltending, goaltending!”

Redwood Valley Cardinals
Last year: 2-22-0
Conference (record): Southwest (1-90)
Section: 3A
State trips: None
Home arena: Redwood Area Community Center
Head coach: Nate Sunderman
Career record: 12-36-2
Assistant coach: Randy Hanson
Top returning forwards: Senior Austin Kretsch (10-7--17), sophomore Jacob Prouty (6-6--12), senior Hunter Breidenbach (2-1--3), sophomore Lane Stadther (1-2--3)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Fabian Ortega (2-8--10), junior Logan Sandgren (2-2--4), sophomore Colin Fuhr (0-1--1), sophomore Kollin Joines (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Jordan Houle (1-6-0, 4.86, .819)

Richfield Spartans
Last year: 9-17-1
Conference (record): Classic Suburban (1-9-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: 1962, 63, 64, 76, 86, 91
Home arena: Richfield Ice Arena
Head coach: Mark Johnson
Assistant coaches: Rob Larson, Matt Harrity, Austin Hatch
Letterwinners returning/lost: 12/4
Top returning forwards: Junior Kevin Ahlstrand (9-3--12), senior Kevin Krohn (4-6--10), junior Kody Ahlstrand (3-4--7), junior Alex Maki (0-3--3), junior McCoy Jessen (1-2--3), junior Trigve Duryea (1-2--3)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Jack Stellon (0-20--20), junior Drew Saastad (1-10--11), senior Alex Mendele (0-8--8), sophomore Bailey Olson (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Johnny Meyer, junior Zach Ulmer
The coach says: “The Spartans will be striding to play at high levels with our expectations to keep achieving throughout the season and reaching our peak heading into the playoffs. The Spartans have always put everything they have on the ice and I see this strong tradition carrying on through the 2012-13 season. The Spartans will be fortunate to keep its strong defensive core together with only graduating one senior. Both goalies will be returning with one year of experience under their belt. We have graduated our top three forwards who consisted of 95 percent of our scoring which will be a big loss, but with our great work ethic of our forwards they will all be ready to step up to the challenge. ”

Rochester Lourdes Eagles
Last year: 21-10-0
Conference: Independent
Section: 1A
State trips: 2000, 01, 02, 03, 09, 10, 11, 12
Head coach: Josh Spaniol
Career record: 61-22-4
Assistant coaches: Kirk Gill, Tom DeVinny
Letterwinners returning/lost: 13/10
Top returning forwards: Senior Alex Funk (36-34--70), senior Jason Samuelson (32-38--70), senior Ben Weir (8-6--14), junior Kane Carstens (2-3--5), junior McKay Carstens (2-3--5), senior Griffen Buck (2-1--3), junior Cody Cossette (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Karl Krecke (11-14--25), sophomore Griffin Slightam (5-13--18), senior Nathan Roth (1-4--5), junior Lars Anderson (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Andrew Ellingson (9-3-0, 2.52, .864), sophomore Jack Burkel (3-2-0, 3.75, .849)
The coach says: “We have players that have been at Lourdes for four years, so they are bigger, stronger and faster. We bring back 75 percent of scoring. Defensively, we bring back three of our top five defense with senior Karl Krecke as the backbone. Goaltending will be stronger as we have four goalies trying to win the job and will be fun to watch. This year’s team is working harder in the offseason more than any other team and have great players returning that are showing great leadership and work ethic.”

Rogers Royals
Last year: 20-7-1
Conference (record): Mississippi 8 (8-0-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: None
Home arena: Rogers Activity Center
Head coach: Tim Marchand
Career record: 135-93-14
Assistant coaches: Kurt Remick, Dirk Udee, Adam Hauser
Letterwinners returning/lost: 8/11
Top returning forwards: Junior Nate Weber (12-17--29), junior Spencer Marchand (5-12--17), senior Parker Veith (2-5--7), senior Kyle Korva (3-1--4)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Travis Brown (6-17--23), senior Brandon Spah (3-11--14), junior Blake Timm (0-1--1), junior Jacob Walker (0-1--1)
The coach says: “Although we lost a great deal of experience to graduation, we feel very good the pieces will come together to strongly compete throughout the year. They keys to success will certainly hinge on effectively filling holes left by last year’s graduating class.”

Sartell/St. Stephen Sabres
Last year: 7-18-2
Conference (record): Central Lakes (6-8-2)
Section: 6A
State trips: None
Home arena: Bernick’s Ice Arena
Head coach: Ryan Hacker
Career record: 68-59-8
Assistant coach: Cory Odberg
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/8
Top returning forwards: Junior Aaron Randall (8-3--11), senior Andrew Lindmeier (0-11--11), senior Tyler Minkel (1-7--8), junior Kyle Erickson (2-5--7), senior Isaac Lindstrom (0-5--5)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Sam Zwiener (1-7--8), senior Ethan Lorsung (3-5--8), senior Matt Worzala (3-2--5), junior Braden Doucette (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Elliott Brookins
The coach says: “We look to build off the end of last season. We had an extremely slow start with an inexperienced team but came together at the end of the year. Our underclassmen gained a lot of experience, finding out what it takes to be successful at the high school level. We return an experienced group of defensemen and will be looking for some younger guys to step into a scoring role.”

Sauk Rapids-Rice Storm
Last year: 12-13-1
Conference (record): Central Lakes (7-7-1)
Section: 5A
State trips: 2000
Home arena: Sports Arena East
Head coach: Brian Nyholm
Assistant coaches: Jason Daniels, Sam Zabkowicz
Top returning forwards: Senior Tyler Long (19-14--33), junior Matt Meyer (7-6--13), senior James Geisler (6-2--8), junior Ryan Rutar (1-2--3), senior Corbin Heder (1-1--2), junior Wyatt Orth (1-0--1)
Top returning defenseman: Senior Joel Haller (2-3--5)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Will Mortenson (5-2-0, 3.32, .850)

Simley Spartans
Last year: 15-9-1
Conference (record): Classic Suburban (4-6-1)
Section: 4A
State trips: 1996, 2003
Home arena: Veterans Memorial Community Center
Head coach: Jim Joseph
Career record: 76-86-7
Assistant coaches: Steve Moe, Jeff Hauck, Christian Hoogheem, Elliot Vesper
Top returning forwards: Senior Ben Rauschnot (20-37--57), junior Ben Illestchko (7-17--24), senior Pat Short (8-1--9), junior Ben Johnson (3-4--7), senior Gage Gustafson (2-5--7), junior Alec Sutton (1-2--3), junior Bryan Chirhart (0-1--1), junior Jordan McClellan (0-1--1), junior Wylie Siegel (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore John Reibert (1-4--5), junior Nick Kemp (1-4--5), senior Nick McCoy (1-3--4)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Mike Sarantos

South St. Paul Packers
Last year: 11-13-3
Conference (record): Classic Suburban (6-8-0)
Section: 4A
State trips: 1947, 48, 50, 53, 54, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 65, 66, 68, 69, 72, 77, 78, 80, 81, 86, 87, 89, 90, 94, 96, 2004
Home arena: Wakota Arena
Head coach: Scott Macho
Assistant coaches: Paul Moen, Pete Schultz, Dave Simon
Letterwinners returning/lost: 7/14
Top returning forwards: Junior Billy Brandecker (8-14--22), senior Alec Miller (2-6--8)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jack Pietruszewski (10-10--20), senior Jake Hill (3-7--10), senior Mitch Fitzgerald (3-6--9)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Grant Amelse (2-0-1, 1.91, .926)
The coach says: “I think we will be very competitive this season. We have a lot of newcomers that will be fighting for spots which I think will keep everyone in our group on their toes. We have great leadership from our three captains – Jack  Pietruszewski, Billy Brandecker and Jake Hill. We will have a strong core of defensemen and 5-6 very talented forwards that can certainly put the puck in the net. Staying healthy and the continued hard work attitude of these kids will be keys to a successful season.”

Spring Lake Park Panthers
Last year: 9-16-1
Conference (record): North Suburban (3-7-0)
Section: 4A
State trips: None
Home arena: Fogerty Arena
Head coach: Tom Benson
Career record: 253-220-10
Assistant coaches: Dave Turbitt, Shawn Guasted, Shawn Nelson, Ryan Gagne
Letterwinners returning/lost: 14/10
Top returning forwards: Junior David Taylor (5-11--16), junior Jacob Nystrom (6-9--15), junior Pete Sienko (2-13--15), junior Jake Kroll (6-4--10), junior Nick Turnquist (2-7--9), junior Brandon Reimann (5-1--6), senior Skylar Fisher (1-3--4)
Top returning defensemen: Sophomore Nick Heid (2-6--8), junior Dustin Aanerud (0-5--5), senior Gage Rickenbach (1-3--4), senior Sam Faulkner (0-4--4)
Top returning goaltender: Junior J.T. Hirschi
The coach says: “Our team this year should be a hard working group with depth and experience at the forward position. We have 10 forwards returning who saw action at the varsity level, along with the addition of Pete Sinko from Totino-Grace and Brandon Richards from Centennial. Austin Long and Devin Sunell should also compete for playing time at the forward position after coming off successful Bantam seasons. There should plenty of competition for playing time at the forward position.The loss of four-time all-conference defenseman Nick Auman will definitely hurt, but we return Nick Heid, Dusty Aanerud and Gage Rickenbach with a season of experience on ‘D.’ Our biggest concern will be who will fill the shoes of Brandon Jones in the nets.  Aaron Furlano, JT Hirschi and Brian Jones will all be competing for varsity playing time. We should be competitive this year if we come together in our own end of the rink and play solid team defense.”

St. Cloud Apollo Eagles
Last year: 11-13-2
Conference (record): Central Lakes (5-9-2)
Section: 6A
State trips: 1984
Home arena: St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex
Head coach: Pete Matanich
Career record: 23-55-3
Assistant coaches: Cale Finseth, Jeremy Forsell
Top returning forwards: Senior Jared Christen (21-16--37), junior Paul Kenney (20-9--29), senior Erik Jarosch (4-4--8), junior Dallas Haugen (2-3--5), junior Jacob Kemp (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Brandon Bloch (7-6--13), senior Jordan Keller (2-8--10)

St. Cloud Cathedral Crusaders
Last year: 21-6-0
Conference (record): Granite Ridge (4-0-0)
Section: 5A
State trips: 1993, 94, 2004, 08, 09
Home arena: St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex
Head coach: Eric Johnson
Career record: 165-46-8
Assistant coaches: Ron Brown, Tom Bruce, Dave Erickson
Letterwinners returning/lost: 14/8
Top returning forwards: junior Austin Poganski (24-28--52), junior Will Hammer (13-24--37), senior Mitchell Fritz (20-16--36), junior Tommy Hall (13-12--25), senior Peter Spethmann (3-7--10), senior Peter Thibault (2-1--3), senior Beau Gerding (0-2--2), senior Kyle Koopmeiners (1-0--1), junior Nick Golebiowski (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Austin Swingle (7-22--29), junior Dan Bailey (0-7--7), senior Cole Wensman (1-5--6), junior Jordan Maetche (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Josh Robak (13-2-0, 1.87, .909), senior Connor Amundson (8-4-0, 2.16, .915)
The coach says: “We bring back some very strong players in our junior and senior classes. They are good leaders on and off the ice. We bring back five of our top seven scores and both goaltenders. Our juniors and seniors should provide us with great leadership both on and off the ice.”

St. Louis Park Orioles
Last year: 19-6-2
Conference (record): North Suburban (6-2-2)
Section: 2A
State trips: 1948, 49, 53, 58, 98, 2003
Home arena: St. Louis Park Rec Center
Head coach: Shjon Podein
Assistant coaches: Cory Peterson, Nick Sperides, Paul Ranheim, Steve Rosen, Dean Speicher, Dave Paradise, Doug Macintyre, John Basill, Mike Stuart, John Passolt, Ryan Titus
Top returning forwards: Junior Jake Lukasavage (7-10--17), junior Curtis Greenbush (6-9--15), junior Jesse Knudson (7-6--13), senior Jake Baer (1-3--4), junior Miles Mularky (3-1--4), senior Dan Murray (1-0--1), junior Mitchell Hickerson (1-0--1), junior T.J. Hallfin (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Charlie Hills (0-2--2), junior Noah Fortmeyer (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltender: Senior Ryan Froom (8-2-0, 2.28, .929)

St. Paul Academy Spartans
Last year: 8-15-3
Conference (record): Tri-Metro (5-6-1)
Section: 4A
State trips: None
Home arena: Drake Arena
Head coach: Bill Owens
Assistant coaches: Matt Funk, Eddie Wynne, Charlie Hammell
Letterwinners returning/lost: 16/2
Top returning forwards: Junior Drew Blackmun (12-22--34), senior Peter Wood (16-16--32), junior Jake Westfield (11-15--26), sophomore Austin Ramirez (6-7--13), junior Mick Sullivan (7-6--13), junior Cal Nicholson (1-4--5), junior Ben Morris (1-1--2), senior Charlie Bartholic (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Karl Hommeyer (5-10--15), sophomore Mack Stevens (1-5--6), senior Cameron Causey (0-4--4), sophomore Tyler Seplak (1-3--4), sophomore Andrew Chuinard (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Nick Anderson, sophomore Sean Wendlandt
The coach says: “The keys to success are solid team defense and good goaltending.”

St. Paul Highland Park Cougars
Last year: 5-19-0
Conference: Independent
Section: 4A
State trips: None
Home arena: Minnesota State Fairgrounds Coliseum
Head coach: Tom Doyle
Assistant coaches: Garrett Paitich, Tony Spalding
Letterwinners returning/lost: 9/7
Top returning forwards: Senior Connel McGough (9-8--17), junior Dylan Zavoral (5-11--16), sophomore Oakley Bury (4-1--5), junior Brandon Sutmar (1-3--4)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Grant Vernon (4-14--18), sophomore Jackson Buelow (2-2--4), junior Kyle Hallock (1-1--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Howie Sands, junior Andrew Hallock
The coach says: “Expectations for the upcoming season will be to continue to grow and learn all aspects of the game, whether the player has a lot of hockey experience or a little. The focus will be on improving all season. It’s not about being good, it’s about getting better. The strengths of our team are resiliency and work ethic. Individuals pushing their play to allow growth, understanding systems and how they fit in to the team concept are the keys to success.”

St. Thomas Academy Cadets
Last year: 26-5-0
Conference (record): Classic Suburban (12--2)
Section: 4A
State trips: 1999, 2005, 06 Champs, 07, 08 Champs, 11 Champs, 12 Champs
Home arena: St. Thomas Ice Arena
Co-head coaches: Tom Vannelli, Greg Vannelli
Assistant coaches: Mike Vannelli, Jerry Maybrey
Letterwinners returning/lost: 14/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Alex Johnson (21-26--47), sophomore Tom Novak (18-25--43), senior Henry Hart (14-16--30), senior Jack Stang (11-18--29), senior Austin Sattler (13-15--28), senior Matt Perry (13-11--24), senior Gunnar Regan (8-9--17), senior Dan McManus (5-12--17), senior Pat McFadden (1-4--5), senior Jack Geiser (1-1--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Tony Bretzman (8-24--32), senior Wyatt Schmidt (3-17--20), junior Jack Dougherty (1-9--10), sophomore Seamus Donahue (1-7--8)
Top returning goaltender: Senior David Zevnik (17-4-1, 1.56, .922)
The coach says: “We are looking forward to the challenge of defending our title. Seniorgoalie David Zevnik brings two years of varsity experience and a 1.56 goals-against average to anchor four returning varsity defensemen. Senior forwards Alex Johnson, Henry Hart, Austin Sattler, Matt Perry and Gunnar Regan combined for 70 goals last year and hope to take their play and production to another level.”

Thief River Falls Prowlers
Last year: 23-6-2
Conference (record): Mariucci (8-2-1)
Section: 8A
State trips: 1945, 51, 52, 54 Champs, 55, 56 Champs, 59, 60, 65, 2006, 11, 12
Home arena: Ralph Engelstad arena
Head coach: Tim Bergland
Career record: 85-43-6
Assistant coaches: Scott Bergland, Greg Bottem, Bob Hout
Letterwinners returning/lost: 10/10
Top returning forwards: Senior Logan Engelstad (14-5--19), junior Isak Bergland (5-4--9), senior Kael Fontaine (3-4--7), junior Ian Lund (3-3--6), junior Logan Ose (2-0--2), junior Landon Sanders (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Chris Forney (6-18--24), junior Adam Pancoast (1-7--8), senior Grady Pederson (0-6--6), senior Murphy Fellman (1-2--3)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Tanner Holmes (4-3-1, 2.02, .918)
The coach says: “We are hoping to be in the mix for a section run. Our strengths will be more focused on the defense with a number of returners and I believe strength in net. We will need to mature up front and put the puck in the net.”

Totino-Grace Eagles
Last year: 18-10-0
Conference (record): North Suburban (7-3-0)
Section: 4A
State trips: 1993, 95, 2002 Champs, 05
Home arena: Parade Ice Garden
Head coach: Mark Loahr
Career record: 470-269-24
Assistant coaches: Bryan Shortridge, Joe Bennek, Scott Mauricio, Dave Larson, Steve Manthis, Pete Samargia
Top returning forwards: Senior TJ Roo (23-48--71), senior Derek Lodermeier (26-9--35), sophomore Carter Roo (11-12--23), senior Connor Schmidt (6-9--15), junior Matt Olson (4-8--12), senior Noah Vosen (5-7--12), senior Charlie Miller (1-5--6), junior Kai Barber (4-1--5)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Marco Lucarelli (1-12--13), sophomore Jason Krych (1-5--6), junior Chandler Nauman (2-1--3)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Rory Davidowski (7-8-0, 3.53, .875), senior Michael Larson (8-1-0, 2.54, .887), senior Joe Theiler (3-1-0, 2.87, .863)

Virginia/Mt. Iron-Buhl Blue Devils
Last year: 12-13-1
Conference (record): Iron Range (4-4-0)
Section: 7A
State trips: 2005, 09, 10
Home arena: Miners Memorial Building
Head coach: Reed Larson
Assistant coaches: Jason Strukel, Todd Kreibich, Chris Westin, Michael Miskovich
Letterwinners returning/lost: 13/10
Top returning forwards: Junior Travis Kemp (7-9--16), senior Zach Voss (5-8--13), junior Tom Ostergaard (3-4--7), senior Zach Kalisch (2-3--5), senior Jordan Przbylski (2-2--4), junior Cole Babiracki (0-1--1), junior Louie Judnick (0-1--1)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Andy Callister (0-8--8), senior Mitch Sella (1-7--8), senior Chase Poppenhagen (1-5--6)
Top returning goaltender: Sophomore Lucas Murray (8-10-1, 3.57, .889)
The coach says: “We expect to improve from last year. We ended the year too early and felt we were better. We expect to put ourselves in a position to be able to play in the Section Finals. We are a hard working, blue collar group. Nothing will come easy for this group and we like it that way. This group will earn every win that they receive and they will enjoy every one of them. We play in a tough section and have a very difficult schedule which we expect will prepare us for the playoffs. We have a good core of leadership returning. We will have good goaltending and a few guys with good touch around the net. It will be a very exciting test for us this year.”

Waconia Wildcats
Last year: 15-10-1
Conference (record): Wright County (5-7-0)
Section: 2A
State trips: None
Home arena: Waconia City Ice Arena
Head coach: Dan Benham
Assistant coaches: Mark Grundhofer, Jake Hindermann, Jason Miller
Letterwinners returning/lost: 18/2
Top returning forwards: Senior Tanner Riebel (18-18--36), senior Ryan Mattson (19-11--30), senior Justin Reinke (17-9--26), junior Alex Fortwengler (2-6--8), senior Kyle Kauma (4-4--8), junior Blaine Wilsey (2-4--6), junior Jeff Balow (4-1--5), junior Jake Reuben (3-0--3), junior Alex Tasson (2-0--2), senior Brady Turner (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Brady Hed (1-5--6), senior Ben Jullman (1-1--2), junior Kevin Kittleson (0-2--2), junior Tony Fulkerson (1-1--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Nathan Kovach (15-10-1, 3.22, .908), junior Matt Molinari
The coach says: “With only graduating two seniors we will have a lot of experience returning. We are looking for a few players to take the next step and become leaders on our team.”


Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines
Last year: 1-24-0
Conference (record): Mid-State (1-7-0)
Section: 6A
State trips: 1945 (as Staples), 2004
Home arena: Wadena Community Center
Head coach: Chris Holman
Assistant coach: Kyle Davis
Top returning forwards: Senior Mitchell Swanson (20-20--40), senior Bridger Pettit (18-14--32), senior Christian Berg (3-10--13), freshman Dylan Phillips (8-3--11), senior Shane Motschenbacher (0-4--4), sophomore Blaine Cooper (1-2--3)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Mike Paavola (5-5--10), senior Jake Krause (3-5--8), sophomore Tyler Winkels (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Junior Wesley Janson, senior Cory McManigle
The coach says: “We expect to have a better overall season. Our senior class is the heart and soul of our team and we have high hopes for these seven players and their futures.”

Warroad Warriors
Last year: 14-12-1
Conference (record): Mariucci (4-7-0)
Section: 8A
State trips: 1948, 49, 53, 63, 69, 70, 87, 88, 89, 94 Champs, 95, 96 Champs, 97, 2000, 03 Champs, 04, 05 Champs, 07, 08, 09, 10
Home arena: The Gardens Arena
Head coach: Jay Hardwick
Assistant coaches: Tim Slukynsky, Dennis Fermoyle
Letterwinners returning/lost: 12/10
Top returning forwards: Junior Kyle Sylvester (15-26--41), senior Casey Anderson (10-18--28), senior Ben Smieja (3-4--7), senior Cody Heppner (3-1--4), senior Brandon Newhouse (0-2--2), senior Eric Goldsmith (1-1--2)
Top returning defensemen: Junior Nick Jaycox (3-7--10), senior Zach Johnston (2-5--7)
The coach says: “The Warriors are looking to bounce back this season with a strong senior class. The incoming Bantam group finished third at the state Bantam A VFW Tournament will also add a lot of firepower. The Warriors will have to replace two senior goaltenders, Andy Foster and Chris Larson, who played all the varsity minutes last season. Top seniors, Tommy Astrup and Hayden Timm, will be hard to replace.”

Waseca Bluejays
Last year: 8-14-1
Conference (record): South Central (2-4-0)
Section: 1A
State trips: None
Home arena: Waseca Community Arena
Head coach: Jim Ferch
Assistant coaches: Clint Selvik, Erik Weichert, Joe Frear
Letterwinners returning/lost: 15/5
Top returning forwards: Sophomore Cody Ulfers (5-10--15), senior Michael Kunz (5-5--10), senior Joey Helms (1-7--8), senior Jesse Ungs (2-5--7), junior Josh Metzdorff (1-4--5), junior Dan Riha (2-0--2), senior Barry McRaith (1-0--1)
Top returning defensemen: Senior C.J. Nordquist (2-4--6), junior Ben Johnson (0-2--2)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Austin Stroda, sophomore Zac Weichert

Willmar Cardinals
Last year: 10-18-0
Conference (record): Central Lakes (3-12-1)
Section: 6A
State trips: 1947
Home arena: Willmar Civic Center
Head coach: Dan Tollefson
Assistant coaches: Chad Akerson, Ross Dahl, Tom Wodash, Jason Bruhn
Letterwinners returning/lost: 12/5
Top returning forwards: Senior Hunter Schneider (23-26--49), senior Zech Streed (11-14--25), junior Trey Tollefson (9-13--22), junior Hunter Mottinger (10-9--19), senior Preston Peterson (5-9--14), junior Joey Lee (1-5--6), junior Cole Hagen (3-2--5), junior Tyler Pendill (1-2--3), junior T.J. Mattison (1-1--2), junior John De Luna (0-1--1), junior Ryan Woltjer (1-0--1)
Top returning goaltender: Junior Levi Goosman
The coach says: “We have a number of players returning with varsity experience. In addition, a solid goup moving up from our junior varsity should give us some depth.”

Windom Area Eagles
Last year: 11-8-1
Conference (record): Southwest (4-5-1)
Section: 3A
State trips: None
Home arena: Windom City Arena
Head coach: Jon Ammerman
Assistant coaches: Jason Espenson, Justin Espenson
Letterwinners returning/lost: 13/6
Top returning forwards: Senior Travis Janssen (24-18--42), junior Zach Bartosh (8-7--15), junior Dylan Pigman (1-4--5), junior Mitchell Macek (2-2--4), senior Stuart Schumacher (0-2--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Kyle Luhmann (4-6--10), junior Andrew Hirsch (1-1--2), senior Eric Haberman (0-2--2), junior Ryan Clark (1-0--1), senior Tyler Presthus (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Ben Stubbe (8-7-1, 4.29, .877), senior Tyler McGowan
The coach says: “We have a number of experienced varsity players returning, which should help with continuity in our systems. Our team will be strong on the back end with two returning goaltenders who saw varsity time and a group of defensemen who made great strides. We will have to replace a number of point producing forwards, but have a number of players who have already significantly contributed at a varsity level.”

Worthington Trojans
Last year: 5-17-1
Conference (record): Southwest (1-8-1)
Section: 3A
State trips: None
Home arena: Worthington Arena
Head coach: Nate Grimmius
Assistant coach: Chris Huls
Letterwinners returning/lost: 11/2
Top returning forwards: Sophomore Alex Kremer (18-5--23), senior Levi Leach (6-11--17), junior Kody Honius (8-7--15), senior Jacob Oberloh (9-4--13), senior Alex Thompson (0-3--3), senior Sam Mills (1-1--2)
Top returning defensemen: Senior Jacob Molden (0-7--7), senior Seth Meier (1-1--2), junior Zach Heidebrink (0-1--1)
Top returning goaltenders: Senior Rylan Scholtes (5-12-0, 4.95, .876), junior Alex Purdy
The coach says: “I have very high expectations for this year. We are returning most of our team from last year, and I feel that we have come together as a family over the last year. We have many highly potent offensive players that started to show their skills torward the end of last season. We have a very solid goalie with Rylan Scholtes. He can be counted on to come up huge in key situations. He plays with heart and high intensity. Some of the keys for us to have a successful season are we need to play every game with a do or die mentality. We need to take advantage of our powerplays, last year when we stepped up during powerplays and penalty kills, the games were really fun to play in.”