Fair Play standards enter eighth season

Youth teams around the state are getting ready for league play. Thoughts of district, regional, and state championships may be starting to swirl around in the heads of many players, coaches, and parents.  Before everyone gets wrapped up in winning games, Minnesota Hockey wants to remind you about the rules of Fair Play which have been guiding sportsmanship in the hockey community for the past seven years.

Fair Play is about developing youth hockey players on and off the ice by teaching them to respect the rules, their opponents, officials and their decisions, and how to maintain self-control. By placing an emphasis on these things, you can reduce penalties, aggressive and dangerous behavior, and injuries while increasing the amount of fun everyone has. 

Remember, Fair Play requires the involvement and commitment of all stakeholders including players, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the upcoming season:

• Establish the expectation that winning is based on performance and playing within the rules
• Know and respect the playing rules
• Respect the officials’ decisions. Support the officials at all times and require the same from players
• Must ensure their players understand the rules of Fair Play
• Work with their teams to establish goals for performance, effort and Fair Play

• Give 100 percent effort to win within rules of Fair Play
• Always accept and respect the officials’ decisions
• Always respect the officials, your opponent and their fans
• Always maintain self-control
• Demonstrate good sportsmanship in winning and losing

• Have total knowledge of the playing rules
• Apply the rules firmly with good judgment and impartiality
• Demonstrate respect for coaches, players, and fans
• Do not tolerate any violence by penalizing any such infraction immediately
• Be consistent and give equal importance to all games and periods

• Never be verbally abusive toward officials or players
• Encourage your player to respect the playing rules
• Never publicly put the judgment or integrity of officials in doubt
• Support the implementation of Fair Play