Fehr continues to have NHL players bamboozled

By Doug Johnson
Let’s Play Hockey

National Hockey League Players Association head Donald Fehr continues to keep his players in the dark, and that is the way he wants it. He runs the association carte blanche and reports to no one.

When the players recently met with the owners without Fehr and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman in the room, the players had agreed to a deal. But when they presented their agreement to Fehr, he instantly said many parts of the agreement were not acceptable. If the players would have put that agreement to a vote, it most likely would have been approved and the season would be going today. Then Fehr started the recent legal shenanigans to cloud the process.

It has become quite evident that Fehr does not want to get a deal done. Plus, he does not understand the irreversible damage he is doing to the game of hockey and the major amount of collateral damage that has occurred. He may think that in time the damage can be recovered, but for many, it will be too late.

As many as six to eight team owners could walk away from their franchises. There is still time to get a deal done. After a brief training camp, the season would need to start in mid-January in order to have an appropriate amount of games to make a season meaningful. A 50-game season could be squeezed in from mid-January to mid to late April.

For this to happen, the players will need to have nothing short of a revolt against Fehr and rebel against the direction he is taking them. Fehr continues to get in the way of a deal and with this mindset, you will have a season go by the boards.