Getting to know Megan Van Beusekom-Sweerin


Megan has been a goalie for the Minnesota Whitecaps since the inception of the team back in 2004. She is a graduate of Benilde-St. Margaret’s and played hockey for the MN Thoroughbreds before moving on to a stellar career while attending Princeton.

Growing up in Loretto, Minn., with seven siblings – all but one played some level of hockey – it is no wonder Megan has a competitive spirit. She started playing at the age of three and has now been playing for 28 years. As her family grows and her boys start playing more hockey, Megan plans to be coaching them someday.

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Getting to know Jenny Potter


Jenny Potter has been very successful in her hockey career with appearances at the 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 Olympics, and added to the collection of medals won there with medals at the Women’s World Championships along with NCAA National Championships at University of Minnesota Duluth. Jenny has been a member of the Minnesota Whitecaps for seven seasons. She is a graduate of UMD with a degree in business management and is currently owner of Potter’s Pure Hockey and a mother of two.

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Fehr continues to have NHL players bamboozled

By Doug Johnson
Let’s Play Hockey

National Hockey League Players Association head Donald Fehr continues to keep his players in the dark, and that is the way he wants it. He runs the association carte blanche and reports to no one.

When the players recently met with the owners without Fehr and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman in the room, the players had agreed to a deal. But when they presented their agreement to Fehr, he instantly said many parts of the agreement were not acceptable. If the players would have put that agreement to a vote, it most likely would have been approved and the season would be going today. Then Fehr started the recent legal shenanigans to cloud the process.

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Getting to know Meaghan Pezon


Meaghan Pezon is one of the forwards for the Minnesota Whitecaps. She is a 2010 graduate of St. Cloud State University where she majored in Marketing.

Meaghan says her first memorable moment was in her senior year of high school where when she played for Eden Prairie and the Eagles won the Minnesota Girls State Championship. Not only did they win the state championship, the team was undefeated with a 31-0 record.

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Crashing ice with Amanda Trunzo


The Red Bull Crashed Ice Event is making headway for the second-year winter event.  The event consists of five stops. It began on Dec. 1, in Niagara Falls, Ontario and continues in St. Paul, Minn., on Jan. 25-26. From there it continues to Landgraaf, Netherlands then to Lausanne, Switzerland. The final stop is Quebec City.

The St. Paul course starts at the Cathedral, meanders down 1,300 feet of ice-covered course and finishes more than 130 feet below the starting gate. Besides playing forward for the Whitecaps, Amanda Trunzo is a 2011 graduate of Dartmouth, a girls’ high school coach at Benilde-St. Margaret’s and also involved with Red Bull Crashed Ice.

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