Andy Faust is The Minnesota Kid


By John Nash
The Norwalk Hour

NORWALK, CONN. — For the record, Andy Faust didn’t get lost on his way to the rink one day; he didn’t take a wayward right turn in downtown St. Paul and 1,240 miles later pulled over on Wilson Ave. to ask directions.

No, Faust came to the SoNo Ice House from his Stillwater, Minn., home to do one thing – play hockey – and for the 2013-14 season he’s decided to do it for the Connecticut Oilers’ team.

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Spotlight on Trey Hughes

By Matt Prosser

With the El Paso Rhinos (Western States Hockey League) in the middle of another hot streak, this seemed like a good time to catch one of them for a spotlight. This month I’ve decided to chat it up with Trey Hughes, the young forward who has been playing terrific hockey this season and has been one of the more consistent contributors to the orange and black.

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