MIAC to look into forming an incident review committee

In response to an on-ice incident at a MIAC men’s hockey game on Oct. 27, in which a Bethel University player was hit from behind into the boards, the MIAC athletic directors agreed at their meeting on Nov. 13, to place on the agenda at their March meeting the possibility of forming an Incident Review Committee. This group would determine if additional suspensions are warranted following incidents at MIAC sporting events. Currently there is no committee that can administer additional suspensions to a coach or player. 

The current language for forming this committee was first brought to fruition from the MIAC Discipline Committee last May. The current proposed language talks about reviewing any incident for any sport in the MIAC. This could be tailored down to sport specific, such as men’s hockey only.

The suggested committee would include three athletic directors and three facility representatives. The hockey coaches are also talking about the formation of a similar committee and it could transcend into a national discussion point for all levels of college hockey.

“It is good that the coaches and administrators are talking about this issue,” said Dan McKane, the executive director of the MIAC.

It seems like this is a step in the right direction for the safety of all players in the MIAC. The earliest that this committee could be formed would be for the 2013-14 season.

The player that was injured in the Oct. 27, hit has not yet been cleared to play. He has sat out four games and has missed one week of school.