Hal Tearse

Helping your kids through tryouts


By Hal Tearse

The onset of fall is also the beginning of tryouts for youth teams all across Minnesota. Tryouts are a time of high anxiety on the part of players, parents, administrators and coaches. Nobody involved particularly likes the process, but we need to go through it in order to form teams and begin the season.


In spite of the stress and anxiety that tryouts generate, this is a great time for parents to help their kids face some of the realities in life and also learn to understand some of the myths that surround tryouts.

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Minnesota ice rinks need your help


By Hal Tearse

By the year 2020, 120 ice arenas in the state will be facing a shortage of Freon 22 that they use for their cooling systems and may be required to change to more environmentally friendly refrigerants such as CO2 or ammonia. This conversion process will be very expensive and potentially will create an extreme hardship for a number of arenas in communities that cannot afford the renovations.

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Tips for a succesful midseason review


By Hal Tearse

Here we are a little past the midway point of the season, and it is a good time for each coach to assess their team in relation to their district rivals and determine if the team is on track to meet the goals set at the beginning of the season.

For some, the reality of where their team stacks up versus expectations can be disappointing. For other coaches, they may be pleased with the progress the team has made and are excited about the prospects for the end of the season District and Region Tournaments.

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Planning for the offseason


By Hal Tearse
Minnesota Hockey

As playoffs loom and the hope of warmer weather is on the minds of many this year, it is also time to think about and plan for the offseason. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming, but with a few guidelines, families should be able to make good choices.

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Cold, dry hands: The short bench


By Hal Tearse

Hockey is a team game and youth hockey is for the enjoyment and development of all the players. At the college and professional ranks, teams play three lines regularly and often times use the fourth line. In youth hockey, the holy grail of “winning” is too often used to relegate the third line to the bench in many games.

When I coached Bantam teams, our opponents regularly shortened their bench early in the game. We beat a better team in the regional playoffs one year because our opponent only played two of their three lines. We changed our three lines every 30 seconds in the third period and wore them out. When we went through the post-game handshake, there were five cold, dry hands. The last game of the season for them and the third line did not skate a shift. 

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