Hal Tearse

Planning for the offseason


By Hal Tearse

As playoffs loom and the hope of warmer weather is on the minds of many, it is also time to think about and plan for the offseason. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming, but with a few guidelines, families should be able to make good choices.

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Hockey: An easy game to play ... from the stands


By Hal Tearse

As the new year approaches, the interest in watching hockey increases to a fever pitch. There are many discussions in the stands about the various teams and the players. Many definitive statements are uttered a loud, many of them wrong or unfair to the players.

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“Coach said ...”


By Hal Tearse

There are 53.8 million kids playing sports in the United States and the most common phrases they all say to each other and their parents is, “Coach said ….” Because kids pay close attention to what their coaches say and do, coaches hold great power to influence young people.

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Learning to score goals


By Hal Tearse

Scoring goals is the object of the game. To win requires scoring more goals than the other team. Most teams have only a few players who consistently score goals even at the professional levels. It seems that the consensus is that some players have a special knack for scoring and the rest do not. Think of Danny Gare, Alex Ovechkin, Brett Hull and Sidney Crosby just to name a few present and past NHLers.

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Cold, dry hands: The short bench


By Hal Tearse

Hockey is a team game and youth hockey is for the enjoyment and development of all the players. At the college and professional ranks, teams play three lines regularly and often times use the fourth line. In youth hockey, the holy grail of “winning” is too often used to relegate the third line to the bench in many games.

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