Chris Pryor

Behind the scenes


By Chris Pryor


How time flies! I happened to be in the Twin Cities this past weekend to watch some hockey and I was lucky enough to either talk to or see a number of scouts that I haven’t had a chance to see for some time. People do not realize the work and effort these guys put into their job and the game they love, with very little recognition.

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In a class by itself


By Chris Pryor


What do you identify Minnesota high school athletics with and for that matter Minnesota sports? High School hockey in Minnesota is like no other in that it has kept its integrity and has withstood time.

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Your first camp


By Chris Pryor


What a bag of mixed emotions that you experience leading up to your first training camp. This does not necessarily have to be a pro camp. Whether it’s pro, junior, college or high school, there are a few words of wisdom that you can carry on, no matter at what level you are.

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Let the games begin


By Chris Pryor


It seems to be the “flavor of the month” lately: Small kids playing small games. This concept has been gaining momentum and it carries a lot of weight.

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Who needs ice?


By Chris Pryor


The basic concept of hockey is skates, a stick and a puck. BUT when ice isn’t available, there are other surfaces that you can still use to work on your game. Tennis courts, basketball courts, paved roads or just a good old driveway will be more than sufficient to practice your stickhandling or to shoot pucks.

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