Chris Pryor

David vs. Goliath


By Chris Pryor


How many times have we’ve seen this in sports? Year after year, no matter what sport is being played or at what level, the best TEAM comes out on top. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most talented group or the most skilled, but the one that plays together and for one common goal. They put aside personal goals for the good of the team.

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By Chris Pryor


Everyone loves to be respected, but this is something that isn’t given. You have to earn it. For whatever sport you’re playing, respect is the ultimate accolade.

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Making the cut


By Chris Pryor


Imagine if we made every team that we ever tried out for? What if you’ve never had the feeling of getting cut or not seeing your name on that final list? What if you never experienced failure? At the time it’s painful, but it’s what you do after you experience failure that counts most.

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Offense and defense


By Chris Pryor


We have all been raised as players to want to score goals. But as important as it is to score, it is as important to defend. There are, and have been, many good players that have played or are still playing in the NHL that are real good offensive guys but never won a thing. Why is that? Wrong place at the wrong time? Bad luck? Maybe, or maybe there’s more to it than that.

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The Tournament


By Chris Pryor


The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is like no other high school tournament in the country and for all intended purposes, the world. Maybe I’m just biased, and I know I have written similar comments in earlier articles, but it does deserve all the accolades it receives.

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