This week's cover: November 20, 2014


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Mel Pearson: At the helm of the Huskies


By Alyssa Hollenback
Let’s Play Hockey

Have you heard? The Michigan Tech Huskies are the nation’s new No. 1 team. At 10-0-0, Michigan Tech is the NCAA’s only undefeated team and is off to the best start in the program’s 94-year history. While an impressive feat for these young athletes, any true sports fan knows that a team is only as good as its leaders. And with leadership like Mel Pearson, who is now in his fourth season as head coach, it is no surprise that the Huskies have become a force to be reckoned with in men’s Division I hockey.

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Dear parents: I want your kid to fail


By Josh Levine

Yes, you read that right. I want your kid to fail. Specifically, I want your kid to fail in hockey, and the earlier he or she can start failing, the better. I am so convinced of the positive value of failure that I believe you, as a parent, should actually hope your player fails this season. Why? Because it is the only way they can truly succeed in the game and beyond.

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One of the Carlson (not Hanson) brothers


Former Fighting Saint and North Star Jack Carlson is now sharing life lessons as a youth hockey referee. And, no, he wasn’t in “Slap Shot.”


By John Hamre
Let’s Play Hockey Guest Columnist

In the spring of 1976, the movie “Slap Shot” was filmed, in Johnstown, Pa. The now-iconic movie was based upon the minor league hockey team playing there. Written by the sister of a Johnstown Jets team member, “Slap Shot” starred legendary actor Paul Newman. The script portrayed the Johnstown Jets in the movie as the fictitious Charlestown Chiefs. The three hockey playing brothers in the movie – the Hanson Brothers – were inspired by Jeff, Jack and Steve Carlson, brothers who each played for the Johnstown Jets.

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From Hockeytown USA to Division I


By Chris Bagwell

At just over 1,800 people, Northern Minnesota town Warroad’s population is less than one percent of traditional hockey markets like that of Minneapolis, Buffalo and Boston. Warroad’s commitment and success within the hockey community, however, is second to none. Boys and girls of all ages are encouraged, and provided the necessary resources, to pursue their passion for the game. A perfect example of this engagement to hockey exists within the Warroad girls’ youth program, extending all the way to the high school team.

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