This week's cover: June 4, 2015

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2015 Hockey Hotdish Tournament home

Welcome to the 2015 Hockey Hotdish Tournament. This annual competition determines what Minnesota player and/or coach best represent the State of Hockey. Sixty-four entries have been selected and seeded in four regions: Twin Cities (Metro players), Iron Range (Northern players), River Valley (high school coaches) and Arrowhead (college/pro/etc. coaches). The winners of each bracket will face off in the Hockey Hotdish Finals to determine who is the best ambassador for hockey in Minnesota.

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Minnesota-Grown Champions

After the jump, a list of Minnesota natives who have won league titles during the 2014-15 season.

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To play, or not to play? That is the question


By Eli Rosendahl

Every year, the conclusion of the high school hockey season produces a steady stream of rather depressing tweets and Instagram posts. Seniors from across the region tell of how much they’re going to “miss the boys” and how much fun they’ve had playing “the greatest game in the world.”

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After 7 overtimes: No title, no trip, now what?


By Jonathan Lindahl
Head Coach, Wayzata Jr. Gold A

The time showed somewhere around 10:30 p.m., and the abandoned players’ bench told much of the story. As I grabbed my notebook and whiteboard and finally tossed the crinkled Ice Mountain bottle that I had finished sometime back in the second overtime yet for some reason had still been clutching off and on, I found myself taking mental note of all that had been left behind – everything etched in a scene of unmistakable proof, that what we had experienced this evening was different from any hockey game any of us had ever been a part of before …

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