This week's cover: February 11, 2016


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Why good goalies play bad


By Jeff Hall
Stauber’s Goalcrease Coaching Director

Have you ever watched a goalie struggle and wonder what the heck they’re thinking? You may see a normally dominant goaltender give up a few soft goals and say, “He’s been so good lately. What got into his head today?”

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The importance of hockey sense


It’s an ironic time for youth hockey. On the one hand, coaches, parents and scouts speak often of the importance of hockey sense (often lamenting that young players lack it). Yet, at the same time, the increasing emphasis on winning has created a situation where very young players are drilled hard on system play.

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Has coaching changed?


By Paul Gibson
Boys’ Varsity Head Coach
Chisago Lakes High School

In today’s coaching world, the terms “transactional coaching” and “transformational coaching” have come to the forefront. If you haven’t heard these terms before, don’t be alarmed. Until recently, neither did I. But after reading books about transformational coaching like “Inside Out Coaching” and “An Impractical Guide To Becoming A Transformational Leader,” and leadership books like “Leading From The Ice” by Kevin Hartzell, and numerous books about the successes of college football coaches Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, I have a fairly good understanding of the different coaching approaches.

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It takes a Village

Saint Anthony Village fire, police departments come together to help the Herb Brooks Foundation Rink Rats Program


By Amy Alt
Herb Brooks Foundation

Saint Anthony Village Fire Chief Mark Sitarz jumped at the chance when I called asking for his department’s help with the Herb Brooks Foundation’s Rink Rats Program. He said to “stop by before the program started and if we’re not on a call, we would be happy to help.”

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