Diane Ness

Stride drills


By Diane Ness


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the three main ingredients of an efficient stride. I would like to share a drill that we got from former olympic speed skater Dave Cruikshank over the summer. It is one thing to understand how the technique should look, but it is another to understand what drills help accomplish this.

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Explosive quick starts


By Diane Ness


Being an explosive skater is so important in today’s game. Your first 3-5 steps are the key to winning small races all over the ice. Getting to the puck first, getting up to a full stride quicker, and beating opponents to areas on the ice is a result of an explosive quick start.

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Why is core strength so important to become a good skater?


By Diane Ness


Lately, core strength has become a buzzword when talking about training for any sport. As I stated in an earlier article, core strength is one of the four pillars of skating. So just to review, why is core strength so important? The simple answer is that it connects our upper and lower body. We use our core everyday, whether it be sitting in a chair, standing up, shoveling snow or raking the leaves … the list goes on. If your core is weak, it can negatively impact how your arms and legs function. A strong core also enhances balance and stability, which may be the most import function in young skaters.

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Outside edge strength


By Diane Ness


We all know how important it is to have a strong outside edge while skating. For this article, I would like to make sure people really have an understanding and an awareness of an outside edge.

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By Diane Ness


Footwork is one of the most important skills that a player can practice and try to improve upon (especially for defensemen). Footwork is the ability to move the feet independently of each other. It is the ability to go forward to backward, backward to forward, and side to side while maintaining speed and control. The game of hockey changes direction so quickly a skater seems to be in constant motion. The better the skater’s footwork, the easier everything becomes.

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