Diane Ness

Practice makes permanent


By Diane Ness


In skating, one of the main areas of concern is getting every skater’s center of gravity lower to the ice. This means getting your knees bent, your ankles flexed and your butt down. This does not come with a few repetitions of  drills, but rather with countless hours of an actual concentrated effort.  

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Skating as the offseason approaches


By Diane Ness


So the offseason is coming, now what? We know we need to skate and train, but what should we do? What should focus on? The first thing that we have to understand is that after a long season, certain things start to happen in our skating

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Heel-to-heel drills


By Diane Ness


Throughout a great weekend in high school hockey, you may have noticed how many times skaters are able to use a heel-to-heel skill, specifically the Edina team. For this article, I will give you drills that can be practiced to help acquire this skill.

Heel-to-heel is a position the skater gets in when he/she is on two inside edges with toes facing out and heels together. A skater needs to be flexible for this skill, but with practice this skill can definitely be improved upon. Learning the skill also serves other purposes. Practicing heel-to-heel is one way to help improve the skater’s transitions and/or any pivoting as well because of the footwork involved.

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Refining technique


By Diane Ness


At the end of a long season, you may notice that most players’ skating technique begins to suffer. Minor things like a skater’s stride getting choppy or a skater not bending his/her knees are most evident. While most teams work on power play, penalty kill, breakouts and forechecks during the season, there leaves little room for skating and skill development.

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Building an explosive start


By Diane Ness


Developing a great quick start takes power, quickness, explosiveness and a lot of practice. How does a skater become more explosive? There are certain on ice drills that can help any skater improve just this. I will explain a few drills that will help any skater become more explosive.

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