Andy & Diane Ness

Deep knee bend


By Andy Ness

As an athlete, we are all given certain gifts that we can contribute to the game of hockey. Some of us are genetically faster, bigger and stronger than other skaters. Being an athlete, genetics are something that is out of our control; we have to do the best with what we have been given.

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The forward shuffle

By Diane Ness


One of the most underrated skating skills used in the game today is a basic inside edge shuffle. If you watch a college or pro game, you will notice a lot of times skaters are mostly gilding or trying to maintain their speed. This is when the inside edge shuffle is useful. It is a skill that is not really understood or practiced regularly and yet it is used constantly throughout every shift on the ice.

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Increasing speed


By Andy Ness

After a good summer of training, players that prepared themselves properly should feel confident at the beginning of the hockey season. In the photos of Ryan McDonagh and Matt Cullen, you will notice them executing a stride. These photos were taken as a screen shot from videos. We took videos of both skaters at full and half speed durning a summer practice. Notice the knee bend and extension in the photos. These attributes always seem to be the same while examining a skater with excellent speed.

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Quick starts


By Andy Ness

Being an explosive skater is so important in today’s game. Your first 3-5 steps are the key to winning small races all over the ice. Getting to the puck first, getting up to a full stride quicker and beating opponents to areas on the ice is a result of an explosive quick start.

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What makes a good skater?


By Andy Ness

When looking at what makes a good skater, sometimes attributes we see may be subjective. After all, if we sink a putt or make a basket, we get the immediate feedback of doing something correctly. How do tell a good skater from a weak skater?

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