Diane Ness

The stride, continued


By Diane Ness


In the previous article, I noted the importance of getting a strong push to the side while executing a stride. I would like to stick with that same concept and discuss in a little more detail about recovery as well as injury prevention tips.

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Pushing to the side


By Diane Ness


Understanding the physics of skating is very important. It’s important to understand how speed works while on skates. Very simply, if you are in shoes, you are moving your feet front to back. If you are on skates, you need to push out on your edge.

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Training for the offseason


By Diane Ness


So the offseason is coming, now what? We know we need to skate and train, but what should we do? What should we focus on? The first thing that we have to understand is that after a long season, certain things start to happen in our skating. The most common technique flaws that start to show after a full season are lack of knee bend, choppy stride and a skater being bent over at the waist. The majority of practices in the winter are designed to work power play, breakouts, forecheck, D-zone, etc. As the offseason approaches, we must get back to working on our individual skills such as shooting, puck-handling, passing, and of course, skating.

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Practice makes permanent


By Diane Ness


In skating, one of the main areas of concern is getting every skater’s center of gravity lower to the ice. This means getting your knees bent, your ankles flexed and your butt down. This does not come with a few repetitions of drills, but rather countless hours of an actual concentrated effort.

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Back to the fundamentals


By Diane Ness


When we do our camps, regardless if it’s Mites or the pros, it always comes back to the fundamentals of skating. It is very clear to me that there is a distinct difference between doing something and doing something well.

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