Andy & Diane Ness


By Andy Ness

Please stay tuned as next week I will provide skill drills for all age groups and levels. I was not able to get the exact pictures that I would like, so that article will have to wait until next week. However, I would like to discuss in detail the importance of a forward escape. It is a skill that is so important to both forwards and defensemen alike.

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Making skill development game-like


By Andy Ness

Skill development is a buzzword of late. When you break down skill development as a whole, you can look at the four major skills: skating, passing, shooting and stickhandling. When we look at skill drills specifically, there are some areas that really can be focused on. For this article, I would really like to get you thinking about a part of development that is really never looked at and yet rarely ever taught.

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Footwork for defensemen


By Andy Ness


Footwork is one of the most important skills that a player can practice and try to improve upon (especially for defensemen). Footwork is the ability to move the feet independently of each other. It is the ability to go forward to backward, backward to forward, side to side while maintaining speed and control. The game of hockey changes direction so quickly, a skater seems to be in constant motion. The better the skater’s footwork, the easier everything becomes.

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Power turns


By Andy Ness

For this article, we will try to understand how to teach a power turn to a younger skater, as well as what things to look for that help or hinder a skater’s ability to execute this skill. A power turn is one of the first skills that should be taught after a skater gets a good grasp of his/her balance and edges. For as many times as a skater will use a power turn, it is essential to learn how to do it properly and what things to look for that will help each skater improve.

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Making the uncomfortable comfortable


By Andy Ness

When we look at improving skating at all levels, it starts with a skater’s practice habits. Whether you are a Mite or a pro, skating can be improved on by working on weaknesses more than just strengths.

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