Diane Ness

Back to the fundamentals


By Diane Ness


When we do our camps, regardless if it’s Mites or the pros, it always comes back to the fundamentals of skating. It is very clear to me that there is a distinct difference between doing something and doing something well.

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The benefits of using a weight vest


By Diane Ness


Most of us have at one point in time either used a weight vest or have seen someone use a weight vest. Whether it’s on or off the ice, using a weight vest properly can really take your skating to the next level. The big question is, how do you use it? What drills can you do? How long should each drill be and how much recovery time is needed? These are all answers that a coach should have before trying to use a weight vest and I will try to answer some of these common questions.  

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Upper body positioning


By Diane Ness


By always focusing on what our lower body is doing when we skate, we sometimes forget about our upper body. A skater’s upper body is so crucial when talking about skating in general. Whether moving forward or backward, or moving laterally, your upper body and stick positioning will either help or hinder how efficiently you can move.

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Explaining a learn to skate program


By Diane Ness


Throughout the winter, we will work with many young skaters of all ages. Many parents have questions about how and when to get started. Typically, every city or area will run a learn to skate program. It is important to find a good one with qualified and experienced adult instructors to help your youngsters.

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Backward skating


By Diane Ness


Recently one of the areas that I have noticed that is a real struggle for young skaters is backward skating. I always tell my students anything you can do forward you should be able to do backward. When we look at professional and college defensemen, we see that their backward skating is so good that they can match any forward’s forward skating at top speed. That is the key if you are a defenseman and want to keep moving up levels. The game gets fast and forwards get even faster; the question is, can the D keep up?

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