Are you a great teammate? Part II

By Kevin Hartzell
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Learning to be a great teammate might be the most important lesson in team sports. It is a main reason good parents aspire for their children to participate in team/youth sports. The fundamentals of being a great teammate not only apply to our sports teams, but to future corporate jobs and our personal relationships. In part I, we covered the importance of being a giver, not being jealous of others success and the value of honesty. This week, we cover part II.

DUTY AND OBLIGATION – When any of us decide to be part of a team, we also accept certain duties and obligations to being a team member. We cannot just decide that we are going to do whatever it is we want to do whenever it is we want to do it, as our team cannot function well without our dedication to the team. This includes a lot of things such as being on time, being where one is supposed to be when one is supposed to be there and doing exactly what is asked of us.

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