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Through an official’s eyes

Editor's note: The following article appears to be of spurious origin. According to snopes.com, the article appears to be an adaptation of a fictional story about a baseball umpire published in the book "A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul" in 1996. Although we regret running the article as a legitimate piece, the message in the article is a good one for all involved in athletics.


By Donald Jensen

Donald Jensen was struck in the head while officiating a youth hockey league game in Terre Haute, Ind. He continued to work the game, but later that evening was placed in the hospital by a doctor. While being kept overnight for observation, Jensen wrote the following letter:

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Hey Ref: 10 questions with Marco Hunt

By Duncan Ryhorchuk

The dream of every young hockey player is to play in the NHL, for their high school in the state tournament, or for a Division I team. Not too many kids dream of being a hockey official when they grow up.

Similarly, Marco Hunt never dreamt he would be one of the top NCAA officials, but the path he took, and his accomplishments along the way, make him very deserving of his established destination. As you will discover in this Q&A, Hunt has worked as an on-ice official for a lot of games that kids dream about playing in.

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Hey Ref- New Officials Development

By Duncan Ryhorchuk

Do you throw the new ones to the wolves with no training? Or do you have the time and resources to develop the new officials correctly?

On Sunday, Dec. 4, I had the privilege of being included in a group of officials who spent all day at two ice rinks that were following a well-planned training session.

Mike Mooney and Rick Nelson have produced a unique seminar for first-year officials in Minnesota Hockey District 5. Mike is the District 5 supervisor of officials and has a proven background for producing strong officials. Officials such as Brian McAvoy, Michael Kephart and Ryan Szymanski all have progressed into USA Hockey junior leagues. Another official under Mike’s tutelage is Mickey Moran, who achieved her USA Hockey Officials level 4 this year while being a senior in High School.

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Hey Ref - One liners

By Duncan Ryhorchuk

‘Tis the season to be jolly, ‘tis the season for New Year’s resolutions and ‘tis the season for “The Best Of” lists.

As we change the calendars to the New Year, we always seem to be inundated with lists – the top 10 plays of the year, 10 best goals, 10 best hits of the year, best saves of the year, play of the year … etc.

As an official, you hear your share of “one liners.” I have decided to, with the help of my fellow officials, make a list of “one liners” heard at the rink.

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Hey Ref- Cutting Corners

By Duncan Ryhorchuk

Can a leopard change it spots? With enough encouragement and the proper attitude, hopefully it can!

Have you ever witnessed or worked with a fellow official, teammate or employee that cuts corners? If they get the job done and no one complains, is it OK to cut corners? What effect does it have on you or the players or coaches in a game? How should you deal with it?

To cut corners: To do something in the easiest, quickest or cheapest way, often harming the quality of your work.

Cutting corners is plain and simply being lazy!

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