RIP: Long-time Minneapolis coach Harry Brown


Long-time Minneapolis hockey coach Harry Brown passed away at the age of 90 on April 10.

Brown began playing hockey and developed a passion for the game as a young man. He graduated from DeLaSalle High School in 1941 and went on to play hockey at the University of Minnesota before being drafted into the service in 1943. Brown served in the U.S. Naval Coast Guard from May 14, 1943 to April 3, 1946. He served most of his time in the Philippines.

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Pam Muxfeldt: One of Fergus Falls hockey’s finest


Hockey associations are built around kids and families who love the game and require the time and elbow grease of many volunteers. Pam Muxfeldt of Fergus Falls is a prime example of one of the individuals who is key to making community organizations successful and Minnesota Hockey strong. After 19 years of being involved in the Fergus Falls Hockey Association (FFHA), 10 of which she was a board member and eight as the president, Pam is ready to step back. Referring to herself as “the old timer around  here,” Pam has been working hard encouraging others to step up to continue the hockey tradition in Fergus Falls.

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From college to the NHL


A record 305 former U.S. college players appeared in the NHL during the 2013-14 regular season


By Kevin Kurtt
Let’s Play Hockey Editor

If you’ve watched nearly any NCAA sporting event on television in the past several years, you’ve seen the ad. You may even be able to recite the tagline: “There are 380,000 NCAA student-athletes, and just about all of them will be going pro in something other than sports.”

It’s a noble campaign directed at educating the masses that most athletes in college will see their athletic careers come to an end at graduation.

In the world of NCAA hockey, the vast majority of players on the 59 Division I and 78 Division II/III men’s teams will not make the jump to the NHL, AHL, ECHL or any other of the various professional hockey leagues around the world. But for a select few, college hockey is merely a steppingstone to the bright lights of the National Hockey League.

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The Hockey Doc: Hockey after hip replacements

By Dr. Rob LaPrade


Question: I am a 65-year-old university professor who still enjoys playing hockey. I have hip arthritis that is becoming very painful with activity, so I am considering hip replacements. Is there any evidence concerning the impact on hip replacements of participation in “old guy” recreational ice hockey?

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Training with tennis


Agility, quickness, lower-body strength, anticipation, competitiveness: Does that sound like hockey?

By Jack Blatherwick
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Coaches I’ve addressed over several decades, define ‘hockey athleticism’ as, ‘Moving your body quickly and efficiently in all directions.’ In other words, speed, quickness and agility are at the very top of their priority list for development of young talent, alongside rink sense, competitiveness, stick skills and skating fundamentals. Summarized, it is ATHLETICISM, SKILL and ANTICIPATION.

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