Hockey in the Hermit Kingdom


A team of U.S. and Canadian women's hockey players will travel to North Korea to play a series of games in August 2015


By Allison Micheletti

North Korea is most likely one of the last countries anyone would expect to read about in a hockey magazine. North Korea has a population of 24,851,627; it is a region of mainly hills, mountains and valleys; it is on the eastern side of Asia, and boarders China, South Korea and a very small area of Russia. Finally, the fact that almost everyone knows: It is a highly militarized communist country.

It turns out that this country 6,423 miles away from the United States has given the hockey world something to talk about. In August of 2015, a team of women from the U.S. and Canada over the age of 18 will be traveling to Pyongyang, the capital city, to a play a series of hockey games against the women’s teams in North Korea.

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A balanced life, a champion’s life


Former UND hockey captain and NCAA hockey champion Jesse Bull captures 2014 Minnesota State Amateur Golf Tournament


By John Hamre

If you visit Jesse Bull in his downtown Minneapolis office, you will see the famous photo of ‘Ben Hogan’s 1-Iron Shot’ on the 72nd hole of the 1950 U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club. This shot on June 10, 1950 allowed Hogan to par the hole, and secure a spot in the next day’s playoff, in which Hogan ultimately won the 1950 United States Open.

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Fidler on the roof


By Chris Bagwell

On June 28, 2014, Miguel Fidler’s childhood dream came true: He was drafted by an NHL team. With the 143rd overall selection, the Florida Panthers determined that he had fallen far enough. Fidler’s name was called and his path to the big league was given a destination.

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Engaging a skater’s legs


By Diane Ness


As I am finishing up my four-week stay in New Jersey, I got to pop in to one of the players’ workouts after a power skating session. It was great to see all the exercises and movements and how they are very specific to skating and hockey in general. Strength training has come such a long way and can be paired really well with effective on-ice training.

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Girls’ hockey pioneer Robert May passes away


By Laura Halldorson

Dr. Robert H. May lived an incredible life. He maximized his 87 years by accomplishing much and impacting many. His most public accomplishment was leading the University of North Dakota men’s hockey team to their first national championship in 1959.

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