Creating warm-up skating drills


By Diane Ness


As most teams are up and running right now, finding good warm-up drills are key to setting the tone for a good practice. Obviously, the fact that I focus on skating, the warm-up drills I do are always done to repeat skating skills that we have already learned. For my warm-up drills, I like to always touch on balance and edges to start. Depending on the level, we will move into more difficult skills as well, such as crossovers, transitions, agility and power turns.  

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This week's cover: October 23, 2014

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Hartzell is high on high school hockey


By Kevin Hartzell
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Being out at the Elite League a weekend ago, I again heard a lot of discussion about the status of high school hockey in our state. This discussion has been raging for many years now. With the 40-plus players skipping some part of their high school career, what is the effect on the high school game?  Everyone seems to have an opinion. I have heard a wide variety of opinions from pro and junior scouts, and high school coaches themselves. I really don’t think there is much of a consensus out there.

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An unreported reason to play high school sports


By Jack Blatherwick
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Several writers have contributed excellent thoughts recently in Let’s Play Hockey regarding the decisions faced by players who are encouraged to leave high school early and play junior hockey – or enroll in (for-profit) AAA hockey 12 months of the year. I will not duplicate their message, but instead will mention a factor that is extremely important, and has not been discussed: recent observations in the neuroscience of adolescent development.

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Keep high school hockey strong and vibrant


By Hal Tearse

The high school hockey season is about to begin its 18-week mad dash that concludes with a state tournament for boys and girls unlike any amateur event in the country. Young boys and girls have worked hard for many years, hoping to have a chance to play in the fabled event.

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