Officially Speaking: End-of-season mailbag

By Mark Lichtenfeld


Dear OS: I’m pretty sure you were on the two-man crew for my kid’s PeeWee game at the Presidents’ Day tournament. There was a blatant trip in our offensive zone in the third period. It was right in front of your partner on the goal line by the boards and neither of you called squat. Our team lost 4-3, and honestly, I expected better from a veteran like yourself. Guess our St. George referees perform differently.

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This week's cover: March 24, 2016

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By itself, weight training is inadequate


By Jack Blatherwick
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

It is common for high school and college hockey players to refer to off-ice workouts in this way: “I am going to lift all summer.” But this neglects the best way to improve skating: the COMBINATION of strength training with sprints, jumps and on-ice reps.

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From college to the NHL


By Kevin Kurtt
Let’s Play Hockey Editor

If you’ve watched nearly any NCAA sporting event on television in the past several years, you’ve seen the ad. You may even be able to recite the tagline: “There are 380,000 NCAA student-athletes, and just about all of them will be going pro in something other than sports.” It’s a noble campaign directed at educating the masses that most athletes in college will see their athletic careers come to an end at graduation.

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Playing for the love of the game


By Carl Hamre
St. Paul Como assistant coach

In the corner of the locker room sits an unassuming figure. He’s a shade under 5 feet tall, short by high school hockey standards. On the bench, he’s involved, but not loud. His teammates respect him, and on the ice he’s a workhorse, a real plugger.

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