Game sense 101


By Kim McCullough, M.Sc, YCS

Hockey is the smartest game in the world. When you look at the two key components of what we typically call “game sense,” you’ll quickly see how they are more important in hockey than in any other sport.

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Outside edge strength


By Andy Ness

We all know how important it is to have strong outside edges while skating. For this article, I would like to make sure everyone really has an understanding and an awareness of an outside edge. We will use an outside edge in any skating maneuver in which we lean over to the outside part of our skate. It may be used for a power turn, crossover or even transition. It is, in my opinion, the toughest and most critical edge to execute.

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U.S. lacks consistent punch in pre-World Cup win


By Roger Godin
Let’s Play Hockey

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Team Canada coach Mike Babcock put things in this context in his post-game comments, “Five-six minutes, it was an exhibition game.” The five-six minutes relates to the total time the United States team showed some significant offensive presence in this first tune-up for the World Cup of Hockey Tournament which gets underway in Toronto’s Air Canada Center on Sept. 17. The United States plays Canada again and Finland before opening against Team Europe on opening day in the Ontario capital.

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Officially Speaking: Referee registration redux


By Mark Lichtenfeld


As regular readers know, when September rolls around the OS inbox becomes inundated with letters and complaints from Level 3 refs around the country beefing about the USA Hockey registration process. From the Central, Pacific and Northeastern Districts, veteran officials continue to pour their collective grievances to OS. Yes, there has always been a consistency to these complaints. Foremost is the time requirement necessary to simply become a registered official. We’re talking SafeSport training, online modules, open-book exam, seminar attendance (with classroom time varying wildly by District) and closed-book exam studying.

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The Hockey Doc: Clavicle fractures

By Dr. Rob LaPrade


Question: I was sprinting into the attacking zone with the puck when I got checked hard in the middle of my right shoulder. I have had pain and swelling over my right collarbone, and x-rays showed a fracture – how long will it be until I can get back to playing hockey?

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