LPHPL Players of the Week (Week 6)


02 Boys


03 Boys


02 Girls


03 Girls



Let's Play Hockey Premier League Players of the Week

Week 1

02 Boys

F Finn Hoops (Green)

D Johnny Devoe (Gold)

G Bennet Weestrand (Grey)


03 Boys

F Jackson Borst (Gold)

D Kevin Enrinquez (Gold)

G Dominic Cook (Green)


02 Girls

F Ellie Alvarez (Red)

D Mia Van der heides (Red)

G Ashlea Arvidson (Gold)


03 Girls

F Grace Kuipers (Green)

D Elanor Winges (Blue)

G Hanna Skavnak (Gold)



Week 2

02 Boys

F Ryan Mulrenin (Red)

D Matt Kochanow (Grey)

G Austin Carlson (Blue)


03 Boys

F Marc Lund (Green)

D Keaton Rannow (Green)

G Quentin Sigurdson (Blue)


02 Girls

F Ava Stinnet (Blue)

D Hailey Mattson (Green)

G Amelia Julian (Blue)


03 Girls

F Liberty Fettig (Gold)

D Dylan Grilz (Blue)

G Hannah Skavnak (Gold)



Week 3

02 Boys

F Jack Reimann (Green)

D Adam Johnson (Red)

G Tyler Steffens (Red)


03 Boys

F Cole Antcliff (Green)

D Isaac Leeman (Grey)

G Hobie Hedquist (Black)


02 Girls

F Bridget McGuire (Red)

D Abby Nelson (Gold)

G Paige Paulos (Red)


03 Girls

F Kate Lee-Gilligan (Blue)

D Erika Girard (Gold)

G Mackenzie Gibson (Green)



Week 4

02 Boys

F Sammy Boor (Grey)

D Broten Sabo (Green)

G Zach Wiese (Black)


03 Boys

F Barrett Hall (Green)

D Brady Yakesh (Red)

G Jack Olson (Red)


02 Girls

F Emma Schmitz (Gold)

D Erin Brousseau (Red)

G Kaylee Kloos (Gold)


03 Girls

F Elise Morton (Red)

D Anna Podein (Green)

G Molly Haag (Blue)



Week 5

02 Boys

F Jared Wright (Black)

D Jordan Thompkins (Gold)

G Soren Pederson (Green)


03 Boys

F Damon Furuseth (Grey)

D Drew Jacklitch (Red)

G Carter Puente (Grey)


02 Girls

F Sarah Dravis (Gold)

D Ava Miller (Green)

G Addy Olson (Red)


03 Girls

F Mackenzie Salentre (Red)

D Olivia Paidosh (Gold)

G Isabella Wegel (Red)



Week 6

02 Boys

F Joseph Malugani (Grey)

D Bennett Konen (Green)

G Patrick Fontaine (Gold)


03 Boys

F Ricky Nelson (Gold)

D Grady Goodwin (Blue)

G Nash Wilson (Black)

This week's cover: August 6, 2015

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Youth hockey needs more Duncan Keith spirit


By Jack Blatherwick
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Duncan Keith has – so far – won two Olympic Gold medals, three Stanley Cup championships, two Norris Trophies as the best defenseman in the NHL and was the unanimous choice for the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs. So ... it might seem extraordinary that, with a dozen or more scouts per team, they all said “no” 342 times before the Chicago Blackhawks drafted him 54th in his second year of eligibility (2002).

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Minnesota's Hockey Capital

From tiny Taconite to mighty Minneapolis, Minnesota is full of hockey-mad cities. But who should be named the capital of Minnesota hockey?


By Kevin Kurtt
Let’s Play Hockey Editor

Each fall in Let’s Play Hockey, we bring you a not-quite-comprehensive list of what it means to be a hockey fan in Minnesota. Atop that list is the following item: “You might be a hockey fan in Minnesota if … you get ticked off when you hear Detroit call itself ‘Hockeytown USA.’”

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Catching up with Brian Elliott

Former Badgers goaltender reflects on his journey to become one the the premier netminders in the NHL today


By John Hamre
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Sandwiched between the Stanley Cup Finals and the opening of NHL training camps are the months of July and August. In June, last season’s Stanley Cup was won and the next “can’t miss picks” NHL team’s into their respective futures were made at the annual Entry Draft. Hockey players at all levels from youth to professional are busy in many ways.

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