This week's cover: October 1, 2015

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It takes heart

Former St. Paul United standout Delaney Middlebrook has overcome a life-threatening heart condition to thrive on and off the ice


By Alyssa Hollenback
Let’s Play Hockey

We all know great athletes. Some are great hockey players, others basketball players or even golfers. When you turn on the local news, you see great plays, great goals and great catches, all made by great players. These athletes probably have a laundry list of achievements and while impressive, it takes a little more than that – it takes heart – something Delaney Middlebrook knows more about than most.

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Developing athleticism: Move your body


By Jack Blatherwick
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Children and adolescents are not small adults … of course. They cannot and should not try to train the same way college athletes do. Yet it is common to fit this all-important round peg into a square hole – athletic development vs. strength, strength and more strength. The college strength model is not wrong, but way too limited for children/adolescents whose CNS (brain + spinal cord) is learning at such a rapid pace.

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Nick Leddy: Little things make a big difference

Skating edges have propelled an undersized defenseman to a dream-sized NHL career


By John Hamre
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

Ask 10 hockey people the question, “What makes a player?” and invariably you will get 10 different answers. Sure, some themes will resonate similar through each, but everyone has a unique lens with which they filter their viewing of the game and their assessment of players through. In New York Islanders defenseman and Eden Prairie, Minn., native Nick Leddy’s case, skating ability has long been the primary descriptor – regardless of whatever else people also say to describe him – that makes him “special” as a player. So special that he is already a veteran of five NHL seasons – 336 NHL games with 30 goals and 100 assists to his credit – at the young age of 24.

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Focus on what is important


By Kevin Hartzell
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

I am past beginning to believe that we as a society are losing our focus. Just peruse the various news fronts on the web and see stories that must interest everyone. Stories that feature “Stars that Used to be Good Looking”or the “Kardashians are Having a Disagreement” (I made that one up but suspect something very near has been addressed),  or how about “Scandalous Lies told by Celebrities.” I know there is some good stuff out there, but there is more and more crud as well. I am always left wondering who actually reads this stuff. I hope it is not you or anyone you love.

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