Follow-up thoughts on the NTDP questions


By Kevin Hartzell
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

This past week I went to see “American Sniper.” I recommend you go see it. It is the first time I have cried at a movie in a long time. On so many levels this movie affected me. The story of Chris Kyle, so well produced by Clint Eastwood, made me feel small, humble and unimportant … much in the same way a good church sermon does to me. Later in the week, Let’s Play Hockey published my questions to USA Hockey regarding the merits of the National Team Development Program (NTDP) (LPH, Jan. 22). Wow … the responses, and from far and wide. E-mails, texts, phone calls and the LPH office has reported to me the same level of response. The column and questions struck a nerve with many.

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USA Hockey responds to Kevin Hartzell column


Editor’s note: In the Jan. 22, 2015, edition of Let’s Play Hockey, Kevin Hartzell's column provided a list of questions he submitted to USA Hockey’s Jim Johannson on the National Team Development Program (NTDP). USA Hockey’s reponses are in italics.

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Stay home for high school


By John Russo
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist


I write a “you should stay in high school/don’t leave early” column pretty much every year because I believe that the benefits of leaving early (for 90-95 percent of the players considering it) are not substantial enough to warrant it. Also, the possible downside issues are numerous and highly likely.

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Bury the six-goal rule

No one is going to develop psychoses over a big loss


By Jack Blatherwick
Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

We don’t need reasons to reduce ice time. When one team is getting beat by six or seven goals, play on! I just watched a very fast Bantam game, shortened by rule, and it left many good lessons unlearned. If we play on, coaches will have to get extra-busy teaching valuable lessons. But that’s why we coach: valuable lessons.

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Stepping up to stop pucks


By Alyssa Hollenback
Let’s Play Hockey

Being a goalie is tough work. To be successful in the net, a player must rely on both natural ability and technique. And unlike other positions, goalies do not get to take a “breather” on the bench as they wait for their next shift. At times the position can feel isolating, and when a player is having an off day as goalie, they have no one to fall back on as they serve as the last line of defense.

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