Made in the NAHL

Last season, the North American Hockey League had a record 259 NCAA commitments. The 41st NAHL season begins next week at the NAHL Showcase Tournament in Blaine, Minn.


By Alex Kyrias


Fittingly, on the week leading up to the 14th annual NAHL Showcase, when so many players are beginning the first step of their hockey dreams, the North American Hockey League (NAHL) and its teams did it again… and this time in even more impressive fashion. For the fifth time in as many years, the NAHL has set a new record for NCAA commitments in one season, further reemphasizing that more and more NCAA players are being made in the NAHL.


Urology, yoga and hockey combine in Fergus Falls

By Peter Knutson
Let’s Play Hockey

Smalls towns are usually not the place one would find a specialized urologist, but that is not the case for Fergus Falls. Dr. Zvi Levran recently moved into the Fergus Falls area and he has also brought his practice with him from Livonia, Mich., where he had been a successful urologist for 16 years.

Dr. Levran is very well respected in his field. He was born in Israel before moving to the U.S. and attending Wayne State University in Detroit. After that, he served his residency at the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., and finally started working in a private medical practice soon after that.

While his track record is impressive in his line of work, that’s not all he has brought to Fergus Falls. Dr. Levran loves hockey and he loves doing whatever he can to help out the team.

For the last 10 years, he has been very active in high school hockey in Michigan volunteering his time and skills.

“At one point I believe I was working for five teams during the year,” Dr. Levran said. “I was on the bench for almost every game. I even rode the bus with the teams. It was nice to have a solo practice because then I could set my own hours and make it to most of the games.”

He also teaches power yoga. Hockey teams have started using this as a means to prevent injuries. Dr. Levran has found it to be very successful.

“The year I started teaching yoga to the kids we had zero injuries. The year before there were many pulled groins and stretched muscles. The effects of doing this yoga can clearly be seen.”

If that wasn’t enough, Dr. Levran also worked with many of the elite teams in Michigan and even went on a yearly trip the to Bauer NIT tournament in Minnesota as well as three trips to Europe.

Dr. Levran was hard pressed to leave Michigan where he had spent most of his life, but he decided it was time for him to leave.

“Many of the big hospitals were eating up and taking over the small practices. I loved the feeling of a small practice and wanted to be in a rural area away from the big group. For the last four years my friend had been calling me, asking for me to move to Fergus Falls. He worked at Lake Region Health Care and said they did not have a head urologist. All of the elements I wanted were present so I could not resist a chance to work there.”

During his time in Fergus Falls, Dr. Levran picked up where he left off in Michigan. He teaches the local teams yoga, attends to medical injuries, and does just about everything he can to help the community.

“It was a different hockey atmosphere in Fergus Falls. The school was so much smaller than I was used to, but the hockey was so much bigger.”

Dr. Levran also enjoys playing the game himself. “I love playing. I try to skate every Friday with my son.”

In a small rural town where there isn’t a urologist within a 50-mile radius, Fergus Falls got more than it could ask for in Dr. Levran, a great doctor, a great hockey advocate and a great person.

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